An Introduction

       Why did I decide to start a blog? When you think about it anyone can do one and even make up great stories about a life you only wish you had.  When I thought about what I wanted this blog to be about I had no idea. I figured why not wing it and just blog about whatever pops into my head. Keeps it interesting, plus I have no idea if anyone is actually going to be reading this. Does it really matter if I never get any readers or comments? Of course not but it would be nice to know that someone finds me interesting or amusing.

     Might as well get the basics out-of-the-way. I am in fact a Christian but not one of those stuffy boring ones that find evil in every crawl space and home they come in contact with. I don’t know why people assume that you’re crazy when you say that you’re a Christian but then again I do. We talk to someone that we can’t see or hear, and trust in someone who again we can’t see or hear. My goal isn’t to convert anyone against their will. That seems to be a huge problem with the majority of Christians. They always want to bully people into believing in God but I understand that not everyone is willing to accept what I have to say or believe in it and that’s okay but I find people who mock my beliefs or make fun of them juvenile. If you don’t believe in God or find what I say offensive stop reading.

     Some of what I believe and say may offend some Christians because it doesn’t follow their doctrine which isn’t my goal but it happens. You have so many different religious sects and doctrines that you truly can’t please everyone. For the record I am a huge Christian metal fan so I may use this space to talk about some of my favorite bands or even cd’s.  A few of my favorite bands now are Flyleaf, Skillet, Place Of Skulls, Tourniquet, Stryper, Barren Cross and tons more. There are a lot of Christians that will tell you that all Christian music is bad but if you read the Bible you’ll find that it just isn’t true. Psalms 30:4, Psalms 33:2 are perfect examples of this. I do trust in the Lord a great deal so sometimes  my blogs may be about something I feel led to talk about which I think a lot of bloggers who are religious do.

     I also have three kids, a dog and a cat so there is always chaos around me which makes for great blogs. As a parent there is never a dull moment in a house and I love talking about my dog, my wife and my kids. This may be a tad long but I figured why not use the first real blog to introduce myself.


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