The art of public transportation

     I had to take my son to his new school to fill out some paperwork which I assumed was easy. The problem is that the city of Akron has changed a great deal which is awesome if you own a car. I grew up in Akron and still find it hard to believe that it’s considered a hip place. When I was a kid it was happening if you were a hobo and like to sleep on park benches or accosted by drunk people. The idea was to build a minor league ball park and kind of see what happens. Get rid of the hobos and drunks and yes people may in fact come to downtown Akron. I have yet to go to anywhere near there because all of the concerts I want to see are in Cleveland but when I have a sick child I do frequent the Hospital. Maybe I’m not cool enough to appreciate what has been done to revitalize the area. If they put in an Olive Garden or Wendy’s I’d be sure to drop by but alas I have no reason to spend time or money there.

      My son and I hit the new Transit depot which is nice if you happen to remember to get a transfer or even what bus you need. The location isn’t all that convenient and as a person who remembers what Downtown Akron used to be like you don’t want to light a cigarette or else you’ll have about five people asking you if you have an extra one. There are a lot of suit and tie people there now but if you’ve lived in Akron a long time you can remember all of the places the hobos slept even though they’re torn down. The transit center is confusing. The people are quite nice and will point you in the direction you need to go even if it’s wrong. We finally make it to his school and I realized just how fat I am. I can’t walk a block without getting a leg cramp. I’m not a people person, in fact I hate being outdoors so it took a lot of will power and patience to make it to where we needed to be.

     The payoff was just hanging out with my boy and having him show me where to go was quite odd. I usually tell him not to get lost and here he was telling me. I realized that he’s getting older yet I don’t want him to. He’ll always be the little boy who needs to hold my hand when we cross the street, to tuck him in at night. I don’t want him to grow up. Today I saw the man that he would soon become and it frightened me a little. The thing that depresses me the most is that there will come a day when he will actually move out on his own and that will worry me even more.


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