I was thinking about how I could get some readers here but the problem that I had was that my blog can a be a bit dull. You read other blogs and they’re full of anger, drama, sadness, and what not and then you have me. No drama, no anger, and sadly no sadness. That doesn’t bode well for me as a blogger. I have three kids two of which are twins so I don’t have a lot of time to watch the news. Here’s another strike against me and this one may offend people but oh well who cares. When a celebrity dies I don’t care. Seriously, doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I don’t run off to twitter and tweet my peeps about how I sad I am. You’ll see no frowney faces or even a fond memory of my favorite movie or cd. If I knew them then maybe you’d see a frowney face but if a celebrity dies I text my wife and move on. I don’t stop my day or even have a good cry.

As I thought about my blog I realized I liked not having readers. No comments is kind of cool. No one knows I’m here. I tweeted about my blog but I don’t know if anyone’s actually been here. It’s kind of quiet here. I like it. It would be nice to know if anyone is actually reading this. Is it boring? Entertaining? Anything would be nice but what can you do? It’s not a soap opera and there’s no bitterness or anger. Just a guy winging it. What ever pops in my head I talk about.

This weekend we did have a nasty basement flood. Is there anything worse? The problem was that all of our stuff is in the basement which means that as we sift through the damage we are losing family photos which is odd because now in the digital age we have camera phones so when your basement floods you can be rest assured that your pictures are safe. I am mourning the loss of my vinyl records. I would estimate the loss at around five hundred bucks. These are records that I can not replace people. All gone in poo water. On top of that my daughter started a stomach flu virus that hit all of us on Fri and Saturday. On top of the basement cleaning we were all heaving. It wasn’t from the smell people it was just sauteed in wrong sauce. I finally got over mine today and now I am developing a chest cold. Ohio weather is wonderful. That’s it for me. Not a very engaging blog but fun.


One thought on “Huh?

  1. Your blogs are not dull. That is what I like about your blogs. When I want to read drama and anger I’ll read what people are saying about the Health care reform..

    Dead celebrities?? Where did that come from? lol

    I feel for you on the loss of the pictures and vinyl records from the flood.

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