Bang Yer Head

Being sick makes it impossible to write a blog filled with meaning and purpose. When my eyes stop feeling like they’re gonna  pop out of my eye sockets I have a serious blog in mind. Amid the clusters of dirty tissues and tucked beside a cold cup of coffee sits a bundle of fresh idea and self introspection. The keys to being a better person are there yet I can’t reach them due to the cold medicines that keep me from coughing up my spine.  So what’s a peanut to do? Any ideas? I have one, seriously, I do. The one phrase that has haunted me throughout my teens won’t go away. I tried to silence it with a pillow but it was still there and became even more pronounced when I became born again.

     The phrase was that Christian music is bad. I should stay away from it.  As I write this I can honestly say that it bothers me less and less everyday. I know that for me Christian music has kept me from listening to non-Christian music. I find Christian music to be more interesting anyway. It doesn’t even matter if it offends people inside the church because in the end they aren’t important. God is and people honor God in all sorts of ways. In the Bible people praised him with songs, poems, and even plays. In the end it’s not really the rhythm of the song that’s bad. It’s the lyrics isn’t it? That’s what everyone told me initially. Of course that was before I discovered Stryper and my church going friends totally freaked out.  Let’s ignore those people and just for those Christian folk who are looking for some good music follow me and check these cd’s out. 

1. Orphaned Land – The Never Ending Way Of OrwarriOR – I just discovered this cd and it’s insanely good. The band is combines progressive metal, Death/doom metal, Jewish and Arabic influences. This is one of those cd’s you just can’t stop playing. Grab some coffee sit back and be amazed.

2. Sinbreed –  When Worlds Collide I love this cd and for those who love power metal will find tons of stuff to love on this one.

3. Google the name Rob Rock and embrace the awesomness! I recommend Holy Hell which is an amazing Cd.

4. David Crowder Band – Church Music. Switching gears a little but I have to include this even though it’ isn’t metal. Awesome Praise Cd that is truly amazing.

5. The Wedding Party – Anthems. Wow! How exactly can I describe this? Gothic rock? Sure, but a cd that is pure brilliance.

   This blog has taken about three days to complete and I am beat.


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