This’ll make ya think

This is one of those posts that I may have to paste on Facebook and Myspace. The thing that always bothered me about organized religion is that there are so many, and no one can ever just play nice and get along. There are some wonderful “Christian” folks that when you try to challenge their beliefs they revert to name calling. Nice isn’t it? If you don’t follow their dogma or rhetoric you’re an idiot. I’m bold enough in my faith that I won’t try to argue with you or even twist around a few Bible verses to make it seem like I’m right. Don’t you love people like that? They will go out of their way to find verses that say they’re right yet the surrounding verses don’t exactly match.

Before I even go into what I wanted to talk about let’s delve into what I believe. It’s 100 % percent backed up by the Word of God and I can open up any chapter in the Bible and prove that I am right. I won’t argue or expect you to have the same beliefs because an adult won’t resort to bullying and name calling to prove a point. There is only one way to get to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ. John 14:6 supports this and that’s the cornerstone of what I believe. Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of mankind. God came to earth to die for us. How many people do you know that would die for you? I have a minute think about it. Hebrews 2:9 makes it a little easier to grasp. I also believe in the trinity of God, The Father, and the Holy Ghost. Jesus was in fact God in the flesh. Crazy isn’t it? John 10:30-38 again supports this which is awesome because all these years I was confused about who Jesus was and once I actually started reading the Bible I began to understand just how awesome God truly is. Those two beliefs right there are the core of my beliefs. I could go into more but those are the most important. Without Jesus Christ there is no salvation. Without Jesus there is no Heaven.

Now, on to the whole point of this blog. I have been reading and hearing about a new religious trend called Universalism. The core of this is that everyone gets into heaven because God couldn’t really be that sadistic to torture the people he created right? Wait, let me get this straight. When you die you basically get a Mulligan? You can be a complete and total scumbag on earth, reject God and you get to Heaven anyway? Seriously? Do you see the problem here? If that were true then Jesus really didn’t need to die for our sins. It was unnecessary. You can also wipe out the portions of the Bible that talk of judgment and wait, Revelations isn’t all that important either because no one goes to hell. Any Bible scholar will tell you how dangerous and misguided this doctrine is. You can go through the entire Bible and wipe out all of the dogma that universalism is. If these chuckle heads are correct there was no point in Jesus shedding his blood at Calvary and hey, why are we even preaching about Salvation anyway? According to these guys you can reject God your whole life and when you die you go to heaven anyway.

You have to repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ. There is no way around it. God has given us many opportunities to accept Christ and there will come a day when we will be judged and for those that have rejected Christ and refused the gift of salvation there will be no Mulligan, only eternal torment. Like a lot of people I truly believe that Universalism is wrong and against Scripture. Why did Christ die on the cross if there was a chance that everyone would get a second chance? What does that say about those of us who have accepted Christ and are struggling to do the right things and to lead people to Christ? Are we wasting our time? If you think about it and look at it from a Universalists point of view we really don’t need to worry about Salvation so why bother leading people to Christ because hey, you can accept Christ when you get to heaven.

What really bothers me is that there are religions, and even people who don’t even believe in Christ so how then are they given the opportunity to get to Heaven? Isn’t there a verse in the Bible about denying God all of your life and when you do die and call upon the Lord he’ll deny he even knew you? Heb. 10:26-27 puts the entire Universalism movement to rest. Here are a few more of my beliefs that pretty much destroy Universalism; 1 John 1:9, John 1:12, and Romans 5:1. With Universalism it truly takes away the need for a Savior which dilutes the importance of Christ’s death. You really don’t need to accept Christ, or even confess your sins. As a Christian I am wasting my time because there is no hell! Why then did I accept Christ as my savior?


Spring Broken

Not only did I get sick but on top of all of that the kids had spring break last week. My rule is that while the kids are off school I don’t get on the computer. The kids need a responsible alert father so when the kids are awake I don’t surf the internet. My wife also murdered our keyboard so I’m writing this on my kids gaming computer. When we got the new computer my wife I and I decided it would be a good idea to let the kids have their own computer, but they have no desire to use it. I can see why. It’s slow.

My Stryper shirt has gotten loads of attention and some people are surprised that they’re in their 25th year of making music. They have a killer cd out called Murder By Pride and it is the best record they’ve done since To Hell With The Devil. I also learned that if you wear a Christian t-shirt with a message it’s a good idea to know what it means. We were house hunting and stopped to eat and a lady actually stopped me to ask what the three sevens on the back of my shirt meant. I have had this shirt for almost two years and no one has ever asked me. 777 means (a) the number you hit at the slot machine to win major bank, (b) How many albums the band has actually released or (c) The Trinity? The answer is in fact c and there is a long story about the number 777 but is in fact the Trinity which is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

We have been house hunting and it’s tiring because when you look at a house you become overwhelmed by the stuff you think is important like how many stairs do you have to walk up to get to the bathroom, is it big enough so that everyone is comfy and not sitting on top of one another? We looked at a small one, and then another one that was rather large but not in our price range. The one we fell in love with is a house that looks as if it was used in every eighties horror movie known to man. Seriously, when you look at it looks haunted but there is so much room in this house that you could play hide in seek in there and get lost.

The thing my wife and I love is that it feels comfortable. It has that lived in feel and for our family it’s perfect. We saw it yesterday and were like should we call? Inside we were like it needs work, but it just feels right. The house kind of picked us. In the bathroom there is a little step and a little room that is perfect for just lounging in. Why this room is off the bathroom I have no idea but it’s a room that has like three windows and feels like somewhere you could hide out in and no one would find you. If we get it I have to take pictures of these rooms and post them. It’s probably the coolest old house I have ever seen.

The school is less than a block away which is awesome because then the kids won’t have to rush around in the morning and catch the bus. My kids have mornings where they just cannot make it to the bust stop on time and this house would make our mornings much easier. The kids are in love with how big it is. Being kids they don’t have to worry about heating bills or water bills. They see house with a lot rooms and they are happy. They want to chase the dog, and just run all crazy like which is okay but you have to be careful.

The good side is that with the basement recently flooding all of our stuff was essentially ruined but that’s less that we have to move so for now this blog is done.