The House Is Alive With The Sounds Of Metal

    As I write this I am about as giddy as a little girl eyeballing a Jonas Brother.  The reason is because I set about rebuilding my cd collection. When I mentioned this to my wife she just rolled her eyes which meant whatever honey. I honestly believed that half of what I lost was gone forever but as I write this I am soothed by the sounds of Sacred Warrior. Sacred Warrior is by far one he best Christian bands out there and to have those cd’s back is a blessing. It helps that the band has shoved ego and profit aside and put their entire back catalogue on their website gratis which is amazing. How many bands do that? Go ahead and think about it and I’m sure you’ll still be thinking about it after you read this.

     Rebuilding has been daunting but as I listen to Saviour Machine, and White Cross I’m reminded that sure, these guys stole my cd’s but they can all be replaced. I’m just glad I can now sip my morning coffee and get my metal on. The interesting part is just how much I’ve actually missed Christian metal. I had my cassettes but all of my progressive/power metal was all on cd. My cd collection was growing and bulging with all sorts of different genres and styles and it was a parallel to my spiritual  journey, Music became fun to listen to again and even now I love discovering new bands that reflect who I am spiritually, I love how Christian music has gotten so much better  than its secular counter parts. It goes beyond Flyleaf and even Skillet and branches into Audiovision and even Faith Factor. There’s an energy and intensity that secular music doesn’t have and while it’s sill mired in mediocrity the Christian industry continues to thrive and grow,  Rebuilding is always hard but sometimes necessary. All you can do is move forward and hope for the best.


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