I read this article in the news and I actually had to read it again because it just didn’t make sense to me. A group of religious fruitcakes are actually picketing Ronnie James Dio’s funeral. I read this twice because it just didn’t sit right with me. Of course when I saw who was doing this I realized that this group isn’t really all that religious anyway and they’re a bunch of crazy people that belong in the whacky shack. They’re reasoning for this was because they felt that Dio worshipped the devil so it was their job to stop people from attending. My first thought was of Ronnie’s widow widow Wendy. She’s burying her husband and on top of that she has to contend with these nut jobs. This is why a lot of people frown on religion and I can honestly say that these protestors cannot truly be religious because in The Bible it says let he who is without sin cast the first stone and another verse tells us not to judge anyone because there is only one judge and that is God.

    Dio was a legend in metal and it’s true he may have had views and opinions that others may have found shocking but it doesn’t give anyone the right to protest at a memorial service. Not only is it disrespectful but rude.Regardless of what he believed spiritually or not his passing has affected his fans and family.  The church that is in fact doing this is nothing more than a cult that spreads ignorance and preaches hatred. This is not even a religious group they are nothing more than bullies that I pray are judged accordingly by God. Not only for protesting at a funeral but a multitude of sins that they have committed. What’s interesting is that if anyone of these whackos were to read this they would say that I am missing the point but am I?

   Anyone that bullies homosexuals and holds up signs announcing that such and such a person is going to hell is an ignorant jack ass. I am a firm believer in love the sinner but hate the sin, Does that make sense? I may not be the best Christian in the world but I know that by spreading ignorance and hate it doesn’t really promote God and goes against everything that the Bible teaches. All we as Christians can do is pray for Ronnie’s  family as they go through this time of mourning and hope that we as Christians can somehow use this passing as a way to reach out to his fans and lead them to Christ, You aren’t going to do that by holding up a sign that reads Dio’s going to hell. I hope someone punched a few of these protestors and when one of them die we should protest their memorial service and hold up signs that read : God hates cults.

    All I can say is that we lost a true legend and even though I no longer listen to his music for years I was a huge fan and anyone that has ever heard his voice or heard one of his albums can tell you that Dio was the man. Holy Diver, The Last In Line, Heaven and Hell, these weren’t just records they were huge parts of our childhood and adolescence. I was one of those kids that absorbed this man’s lyrics and when it came to metal no one was cooler than Dio, Michael Jackson’s death didn’t really affect me but Dio’s did. For these people to disrespect Dio like that really bothers me. I used to joke around with my friends and say that the coolest thing that ever happened to Black Sabbath was DIo joining the band. While Ozzy’s music nosedived after Blizzard Of we could always count on Dio to release another classic.

    With his passing I suddenly realize that there will never be another chance to see or hear Ronnie’s voice again and it saddens me. These idiots who claim to be religious don’t understand that no matter what he believed or didn’t believe it’s not our job to judge him. Christian and even non Christian artists were influenced by this man and this memorial service is all about respect and how many lives he touched through his music. No one deserves that type of disrespect, and these protestors will be judged accordingly for all of the hatred and ignorance they’ve spread.


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