Woefully ignorant?

    Here’s where the disclaimer fits in. You’ve seen them hundreds, if not thousands of times. These views etcetera, etcetera, so far and so forth. In all honesty this blog isn’t meant to offend anyone and if it does oopsies. I’m just a guy expressing himself and throwing out his thoughts and a lot of people who speak their minds and express opinions are usually targets and that’s okay. I expect people to be slightly offended and if they weren’t then I’d be worried, I’m a firm and solid believer in that sometimes in order to make people think you have to offend them. I have been offended countless times but then I thought about what offended me and I realized that the reason I was offended was because deep down I either felt the same way or realized that the person who said it was a complete idiot.  Let’s forget for a second that I believe in God, and let’s forget about judgment for a little bit and peel back our skull caps and really take a look at the world around us.

Interesting fact:

   I take my kids to the playground and while they play I read.  A little kid came up to me and asked why I read. I was stunned because I never thought about the why I read,  I just enjoyed it. I like being sucked inside a story and being a part of other peoples lives even if they are fictional and in some cases they actually do exist. I actually started reading Stephen King in the third grade and by the fifth I was reading Shakespeare and I actually understood it. In high school I was probably the only ninth grader who was stoked to actually read Romeo And Juliet and had read it at least twenty times.  It was obvious that this little kid didn’t have parents who read or even had a book in the house. How is that possible? I have bookcases built into the walls of my house and there is a shelf crammed full of classic literature, religious literature and mindless junk that is enjoyable much like ice cream. There’s no benefit in it but man is it good!

   As he gets older what is he going to bring into society. If he can’t read or write more than likely he’ll be a leech on the system and enjoy a life on welfare much to the horror of tax payers everywhere. More than likely he’ll just continue to slip through the cracks of an educational system that is horribly underfunded and filled with teachers that really don’t care about the students they’re paid to teach.  If his parents are uneducated what kind of impact are they making on society? Are they sucking welfare dry or do they have jobs? What kind of jobs do they have? That one question got me thinking all evening about not only our educational system but on our responsibility as parents. Even if a parent doesn’t like to read please try and fake an interest so your kids aren’t uneducated leeches.

    A goofy question:

     Another kid saw me with my kids and  was amazed that I was reading a new book. It takes me a day to read a one or two hundred page book and maybe five or six for anything larger. I hate being bugged while I’m reading and these annoying questions about my reading habits made me question my neighborhood. Granted I live in a poorer neighborhood but doesn’t anyone actually read for fun? What kind of kids are these people raising? For a kid to be surprised by someone reading is alarming. I feel sorry for the future of this country due to the lack of interest in the printed word.

    White trash:

     Again I live in a poorer neighborhood that I cannot wait to get out of and every where I look I am surrounded by white trash. These people are rude, uneducated and not worth spending any length of time with. It’s not genetic I know it’s not, because countless white trash kids grow up and beyond the limits their parents thrust upon them. These kids see how ignorant their parents are and of course emulate it which is maddening. You hear how people want to improve certain neighborhoods but the white trash element makes it impossible to do that. These people feel that because they haven’t gotten an education, or are limited financially there’s nothing that they can do but accept the fate that life has handed them. These white trash kids have no exposure to culture, have parents or relatives that are alcoholics  and most of the time are uneducated. They follow whatever patterns and behaviors their parents create and another white trash family is born.

    White trash people can’t speak properly which is a nightmare, they aren’t extremely intelligent so a conversation is out of the question and when you think about what these people are contributing to their community and the world around them you get a headache.  It goes beyond the sports they watch or even the clothes they wear. It’s in the way they speak and carry themselves. It’s in the neighborhoods they live in which is unfortunate because in my neighborhood I’d hate to think that there isn’t at least one family other than mine that can actually speak correctly.

     Watch your kids:

    I take my kids to the playground. I usually don’t allow them to go alone due to the neighborhood being so economically blighted and unsafe. I never let my kids out without me which I think is perfectly normal yet I see countless kids younger than mine outside without any parental supervision. These kids are walking in the road without any clue that they could actually be hit and killed. It’s almost as if these parents don’t care what these kids are doing as long as they’re out of the house. Why are parents doing this? If my kids are outside less than five minutes without me I freak out. I have to know what, and where my kids are at all times so please watch your kids.


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