Turning My Brain To Mush


     It’s official. I have allowed my television to be my buddy. In Northeast Ohio there’s a bit of a heat wave and the kids just haven’t wanted to go out.  The DVR has kept us all entertained.  I have officially become a television junkie and it’s sad because all the shows I like always get cancelled. I loved Dollhouse gone, years ago there was a show called Blind Justice about a blind detective who isn’t respected, okay I can kind of understand why that was cancelled even though it was a good show. New Amsterdam was another one that I was really digging and then it was over. Maybe the problem is that I’m not into conventional shows. I always did like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and even that one show Christian Slater was in. I think there were two and I think they were cancelled. I honestly think I should just suck it up and watch the shows that everyone watches that are straight forward, don’t involve a lot of thought or imagination,

    Instead I’m sitting at my desk watching The Gates which is really starting to confuse me. Far too many questions like why is the former sheriff dead and what happened to the guy they arrested? It was all in the second episode and now in episode three there’s no mention of the mystery the show’s writer brought up. Before that there was Rookie Blue. If you watched Scoundrels you were flooded with the promos for both The Gates and Rookie Blue so I figured why not check them out. Instead of checking email while my wife has the kids camping I’m turning my brains to mush watching all of these cool shows.  I even found a cool show airing on BBC 3 called Being Human which proves that no matter how hard I try I just can’t conform and enjoy sitcoms. I think for now I’ll enjoy these shows while I can and even watch the stuff that everyone else likes like Criminal Minds and Medium. I will also end this blog and continue to liquefy my brain.


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