A Week of disconnect

     My blogs have truly drifted away from my faith and into mindless drivel about television. There was a time when I had this amazing fire to serve God, yet the fire kinda dimmed a little. No matter what I did I just could not focus on what God had planned for my life. Instead of studying the Bible or praying I would log into facebook or spend time watching tv. The point is that my focus was no longer on the cross or what God had planned for me. What I failed to realize is that God wasn’t going to listen to me if I continued to immerse myself in the things that were damaging my life as a Christian. I was drifting away from my faith which I never even realized. I began swearing, neglecting my Bible and ignoring what God wanted me to do.

     Today I got the message loud and clear. Disconnect from all of the things that are keeping you from God. Instead of logging into Facebook or using the computer to watch television use that time to build onto your faith and instead of just promising to change actually do it. I have all of these awesome resources yet I fail to utilize them. God has given me all the tools that I need to build a solid Christian foundation but instead I’m wasting the talents that God has given me. This is going to be a week of renewal. I am truly on fire for God and I learned that the only thing keeping me from a relationship with God is me.  This week will be filled with prayer, intense Bible study and an in-depth look at why I keep failing as a Christian. What does God have planned for me and after this week I’m sure I’ll have the answer.

      I’ll also keep the blog updated through the week to update everyone on my progress. No Facebook or Myspace updates just a running commentary of my progress. God bless, and if anyone else wants to join me feel free to leave a comment. 


3 thoughts on “A Week of disconnect

  1. Thank you for sharing your your blog. I know when I started removing the negatives from my life I not only felt better, my art got better. There is light in every painting. Where before they were dark and boring.

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