False Prophets

    Here’s the thing that a lot of Christians either don’t talk about or ignore. The issue of false prophets. This is something we should be talking about and here’s why. False prophets will deceive you and sometimes they do this without even realizing it. 2 Peter 2:1 tells us that there false prophets among the people, as there will be false teachers among you. What is a false prophet? A false prophet is a person who is viewed as illegitimately claiming charismatic authority within a religious group. The individual may be seen as one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy, or who uses that gift for demagogy or evil ends.  A false prophet may not even realize that he or she is a false prophet but it’s quite dangerous to those who aren’t familiar with the Bible or are looking for the truth and may find that what this person is saying makes sense and that’s dangerous.

     Matthew 7:15 Be on the watch for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are cruel wolves. How exactly do we know who these false prophets are? It’s not like they’re wearing a sign or anything. If you have a basic knowledge of your Bible they’re not hard to spot. They will give you an idea of theology and a verse that backs it up. Here’s a recent example that I discovered.  Revelation 20:11-12. When you die and aren’t saved have no fear because this is where you will be given the chance to accept or reject Christ. You can live you’re entire life rejecting God and the gift of Salvation and you will get an opportunity to receive Christ because let’s face it God isn’t a cruel God, he won’t allow his creation to suffer. You with me? Isn’t that a wonderful statement. When you read that doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Too bad it’s false. Read verse 15 out loud. And if anyone’s name was not in the book of life he went down into the sea of fire. Wait, what about that second chance? It doesn’t exist and do you really want to know why? We’re given every chance to accept Christ as our personal Savior throughout our life but when we die God says depart from me I never knew you. In the Bible it doesn’t say I realize that you were too busy to accept me throughout your life and you pledged an unwavering loyalty to Satan or were an atheist but hey I’m a fair God what about now?

     You see how dangerous false prophets can be? There are entire religions who take the Bible out of context to fit their own beliefs and agendas and who suffers for it? Those who don’t have a real knowledge of the truth. They readily accepted these teachings without even testing them. Throughout my search of the perfect religion and even truth I have come upon a variety of religions that sound really really good but they fall apart when you test them against the Bible. They crumble like a house of cards when you start to see the surrounding verses that don’t line up with what they’re saying. I’m not going after various religions or recruiting anyone for mine because I have rejected the religions that man has created and gone nondenominational. Why did I do that? So that my thinking, and spirituality isn’t influenced by man made dogma and theology. We spend so much time defending our religion that we tend to put Jesus in a corner and forget about him.

     As Christians we should forget about defending what we are and promote who we are. We are the body of Christ. We shouldn’t say that we’re Baptist, Catholic, whatever. The truth is that we are all sinners washed clean in the blood of Christ. We need to develop a relationship with Him so that we can expose false prophets as who they are. We have the tools to do this and that’s the Bible. By immersing our selves in it we can know the truth and tell when someone is lying, or even spreading doctrine that’s harmful to us. When I disconnected and started looking at various articles, and religious programs I did so with my Bible firmly open and the idea that I would test what they are saying against the Bible. So many are deceived yet they don’t have to be. We as true Bible believing Christians can separate fact from fiction and warn others. Never accept what others say without studying it on your own. Does the sermon or article follow the Bible to the letter or does it fall apart when you continue reading the following verses? You have to be careful and cautious because there is so much garbage out there and it’s costing a lot of Christians their lives and you can’t even say that they’re true Christians because they have a skewed view of religion.

   The Lord wants me to challenge you, to wake you up. Test what your beliefs are against Scripture. What are your beliefs on Heaven, hell, Salvation. Use a concordance, use E-sword and most importantly pray and ask the Lord to guide you to the truth. If you begin to search and find that what you believe doesn’t line up with scripture don’t feel defeated! Take this as a second chance! Praise God that he lead you to this blog and renew yourself with the truth that God has shown you! God bless and praise the Lord for all that he has given us.


6 thoughts on “False Prophets

  1. When does a person become old enough to accept Jesus as their savior? What if they were never taught that they needed to? Such as children. When do they become old enough to know Jesus if their parents have not taught them? What happens when the child dies before they are saved?

    And what about those who have never heard of religion, of any kind? But do no harm to anyone? They simply have never heard of Jesus and Christianity.

    What happens when they die? Does God punish their soul forever for something they did not turn away from but just never knew?

    You seem to be assuming that anyone who is not Christian is doomed, is that not judging?

  2. Not at all and here’s why. Kids are spared for the simple reason that they are in fact kids. They haven’t developed a sense of right or wrong yet so how can they be judged for something that they aren’t aware of? In children it varies on their intelligence and mental capacity. You can’t say that a kid with down syndrome is doomed eternally because he has no real sense of right or wrong, sure you can tell him but he doesn’t grasp it. Every one has heard of religion. To say that someone hasn’t isn’t entirely being truthful. We’ve all had friends growing up or family members who were religious so the simple excuse of saying I didn’t know about Jesus or God or the concept of religion doesn’t wash.

    In the Bible it states that there is in fact only way to gain entrance into heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Without Jesus there is no salvation but again religion is everywhere and even people in small huts in Africa have Christian missionaries come in and tell them about Christ and what they need to do to live eternally in heaven. I’m not being judgmental at all just stating what the Bible tell me as well as what the Lord leads me to say. It’s not meant to scold people but to scare them into seeking out the truth regardless of how biased or cruel it sounds. God is very fair and has in fact given everyone the chance to repent yet people are still woefully ignorant.

    • Most Christians I meet are quite judgmental and righteous. I really don’t know how they get to go to Heaven by just saying I accept Jesus as my savior..and then treat people different than themselves badly.
      Sorry a little off topic here. Just not understanding the Bible much.
      Bless you for writing this and keeping me close to Jesus..but I am having so much trouble with understanding the Bible.
      I feel if I were to die right now I would not make it to Heaven.

      • The verse that keeps me grounded is we’ve all fallen short of the glory of God. I know that I’m a sinner, and if I ever say that I’m not I want someone to punch me in the face. It took me awhile to understand the Bible and even longer to actually use it in my everyday life. A great resource tool for me is a program called E-sword. I use this all the time. http://www.e-sword.net/ also a great way to gain insight into religion and the Bible check this site out. http://sanctuaryinternational.com/ there is an awesome Bible course on there. God bless and I hope these sights help you to gain a powerful knowledge of the Bible and what the life that God wants you to have. God bless.

  3. Nice piece, recently watched an expose on churches in Britain that denounced children as witches and that they needed deliverance. Just listening to what some of these people were preaching was beyond irritating- a small dose of bible knowledge in the congregation would have allowed them to see that they were being taught false teachings.
    Was it Hitler that said what good news for leaders that men don’t think? And the bible warns that my people perish for lack of knowledge.

    • The problem is that there are so many lost people that are hungry for God yet they are in these harmful religions simply because they were raised that way. I urge and encourage everyone to test what they believe against what the Bible tells us and I’m sure they would be shocked by what they discover. Just watching these religious networks during this week has really opened my eyes to how much garbage is actually out there. Thanks for the comments and for reading.

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