A Mishmash of stuff

        What an amazing week it has been and I am not about to allow Facebook and all that other junk interfere with my spiritual walk. I think it’s okay to have Facebook and all that other stuff but like any thing else you just have to control it and not let it control you.  Let’s face it social networking sites are awesome ways to share your faith and lead others to Christ. What a great witnessing tool! When you’re comfortable with yourself and your faith you just can’t suppress it ya gotta let it out!

     I have a really really old journal from ‘93 and it’s been stuffed in my basement for a really long time. It’s been to Pennsylvania with me and I kept it only because it was a period of my life that looking back on is embarrassing. I decided to let my oldest son read it and then regretted it. I have changed so much over the years that I didn’t almost recognize that I was the one who wrote it! It just goes to show how amazing God is and despite all those years of rejecting him he never gave up on me.

     Lastly I think I am about to change my religious title. I have found the perfect religion and reading up on it’s beliefs it’s something I’m already about anyway so why not change? I have shunned a lot of religious titles over the years because they just didn’t fit. I was raised Baptist and then dropped out, studied Mormonism for awhile prayed about it and felt that it was a religion created by a false prophet.  Anyone that reads my blogs or updates on Facebook know that I’m not one of those people that jump on bandwagons or show support for something that I don’t believe in. For me to say this is what I am takes a great deal of conviction so as I prepare to change from Non denominational to Free Methodist I feel good because of what these people promote and what they believe in. If fits me and it’s where I feel I’m being led toward so it makes sense that I would find  a church that would feel more like a home than a church.

     The whole goal of being a Christian is to help others and to reach out and share the love and message of Christ and this is a sect that I can truly support.  I truly believe that a church should be a place that God leads you too and in the right church that God plants you in not only nurtures your faith but also allows you to reach others. I urge everyone to find the church that God has planned for you. Pray and ask God if this is the place He wants you in and you’ll know. It may not happen right away but don’t give up! Keep searching and don’t ever get discouraged. 


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