Awake And Alive

    Let’s try something different. This is a blog that is designed to get you closer to God and onto a path that will lead you to a life that is rewarding and joyful. You can call it a how to guide or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. I consider myself a soldier for Christ and I look at my Bible study the same way a soldier looks at field training or a battle. You just don’t wake up one morning and find that you have a knowledge of the word of God. It takes training and discipline. Sometimes you wake up and don’t even want to pray or look at your Bible but you do it anyway because you’re training yourself to minister to people, you’re training yourself to effectively defeat the Devil. Soldiers just don’t go onto a battlefield expecting to win. They train and learn as much as they can about the enemy and then attack. Even if they don’t know anything about who they’re fighting they at least know what weapons they’re using.

     2nd Corinthians 10: 3-6 gives you the weapons you need to successfully  go into battle. As a Christian you need to use not only the weapons that God has given you but you also need to train yourself to be an effective Christian. You also have people that are looking to read the Bible but just can’t understand it. Here’s how I study the Bible. A lot of people write whole books and actually charge for stuff like this but if something works why not share it? Keep in mind that this isn’t like a five minute deal either. If you are serious about studying the Bible this method may or may not work . The first thing is devote time to studying the Word of God. You just can’t say okay I’m going to do it and then not. Like a soldier or even an athlete Bible study takes discipline.

     I use three books and a variety of other tools that make it easier to not only understand the verse I’m reading but how it looks in other translations. All you need is a program called E-sword if you don’t have a Bible or can’t afford one. The cool thing about E-sword is that it’s a free program that has a variety of Bibles and other resources. You can also use it to look up words or even phrases that all fit together.  I also have a notebook so I can write out what the verse means to me and how I can actually apply it to my life. The most important tool is prayer. Before I even open my Bible I pray and ask God for guidance to lead me to the chapter or verse He wants me to read and to help me to use it in my daily life. Once I read I find myself thinking about the verse(s) and where it ties into my life. I’ll find myself noticing that I’ve learned something about myself or even how it impacts those around me.  I also use a dictionary because I sometimes prepare a Bible study around a theme or topic as if I were preparing a sermon so I’ll use a dictionary to bring a better understanding of the topic I’m studying.

     Once you begin studying the Bible and are serious about growing closer to God the more it’ll start to make sense. You’ll also find that you can relate to certain verses because it highlights a place you want to be spiritually, or a problem that seemed so large and overwhelming. God has really spoken to me through my Bible study and the more I study the closer I get to God and know that no matter how long I’ve been a Christian I’ll never be perfect. For me this form of Bible study has been really effective and instead of finding it to be a burden I’m excited to read the word of God. Through my notes I can show them to anyone and feel confident that they too can learn exactly what I have learned. I understand the Bible a lot more and using my system  it’s a lot more involved but  instead of just reading you’re learning so you can go back through your notes and reflect on what you wrote.


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