A lesson learned from my dog

     I have often wondered why God sent me my dog. The dog wasn’t exactly a planned thing. One morning a neighbor showed up with him and explained that someone had just dropped him  off so my  gave him a home. I knew that the dog was sent for a reason but I could never quite figure it out. Was it to test my patience? Surely that had to be it right? The dog is constantly testing my patience but I wasn’t learning anything about patience by owning this dog. Then something happened. Last night a light bulb went off as I observed my dog lying in our upstairs hallway facing the stairs. Moments before I had taken him outside and when he came in he must’ve heard or saw something he didn’t like so he jumped on the couch and started barking. I kept telling him to chill, there was nothing out there but he wasn’t convinced so when I said let’s go to bed instead of sleeping on our bedroom floor he opted for the hallway.

     It was in that moment that I understood why God sent me my dog.  My dog has all the qualities that God wants me to have. Let me break it down so no one gets all offended because after all Buddy’s a dog, how can he have all the qualities that God wants us to have? Buddy is loyal, and protective. If anyone tries to come near the house he will bark and make sure that everyone knows he’s there, and if you try and wrestle with the kids the dog  will tackle you and knock you down (God blessed me with a big dog). When we come home  he is right there at the door waiting for us with his tail going fifty miles an hour. We are essentially his universe. He’s obedient which is good but of course not all the time. We occasionally have to scold him for doing something that only a dog would do which is understandable because he is after all a dog and not perfect. He relies on me for everything.  As the dog was lying there in the hallway I realized just how amazing my dog was. He loved me enough that he would lay in the hallway just in case he heard something else he didn’t like.  That loyalty wasn’t something I didn’t asked for he just did it because he loved us.

     At this moment let me explain because after all we’re not dogs but when you look at the qualities my dog has that God wants us to have you’ll see that we do in fact have them. We’re loyal and protective. We all have families, a spouse, children that we would do anything to keep safe. We’re obedient. We’re law abiding and there is always someone that enforces laws or rules that we must follow, If we didn’t there would be chaos. We rely on several things in our life. Our cars, our jobs to provide a paycheck so we can pay our bills, to supply our homes with groceries. So you see dogs are a perfect way for us to learn how God wants us to act. He wants us to rely on Him for all of our needs, He wants us to obey Him, and his commandments so that we can live productive Christian lives, He wants us to be protective of our faith and nurture it so that it’s strong enough to withstand the harshest criticism.

     I’ve had Buddy for a year and as I look at him I see him a bit differently today. I see him more as an example of what I should always strive to be.  I have always had those qualities but I had them all placed in different areas but now I realize that in order to be what God has planned for me I need to be more like my dog.


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