A blog about nothin’

     I need a break. How many blogs can I write before suffering spiritual burnout? Seriously. People may start to think I’m trying to start a cult which may sound like fun to some people but it takes too much work. If you look at cults they don’t exactly start over night. They also take a variety of subjects, dogma, and theology and make a spiritual smoothy. We can all see from history that cults usually end badly. You’ll never see anything about a Charles Manson family reunion or Jim Jones Revival luncheon. Point is that cults are all about taking away your dignity, self worth and the thing that makes you, well you. I want people to find themselves and the way only way to do that is to peel yourself open like an orange and educate yourself. That sounds kind of gross.

     I am amazed at how much I’ve learned about myself through religion. If you think about we spend so much of our time so worried about what others think about us that we never achieve what we want due to fear or what others may think. The only way to be truly happy is stop letting what others think about you bother you.  So in a nutshell that’s today’s message.


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