Another blog about nothin’

I haven’t written in purple yet so hey, why not. I hear a lot of people grumbling right about now. “C’mon man not another blog! They make my brain hurt!” When I got reconnected with God I never set out to make anyone’s brain hurt. Who would make a goal like that? I don’t think God tells us to go out among the people and make their brains hurt. When I rededicated my life to Christ two years ago (really? It seems like yesterday) I prayed and asked God if I should continue my blog and even delete the old ones and the answer was no, so I asked God if this is what you want me to do just show me want you want me to write.  In that moment I began to experience blessings and even moments in my life that were so cool and amazing I had to write them out.

In a sense God was giving me his stamp of approval and it was something I took very seriously but of course I dropped the ball a little but I’ve returned doing what God has lead me to do. I’m dropping knowledge on people. Wasn’t there a rapper who said something like I don’t drop rhymes I drop bombs yo! When I get an idea the words usually flow and even when I was talking about my dog there was a part of me that was like; “Man, that was crazy!” It proved a point that people have been trying to teach me for a long time. God always answers. Sometimes it takes awhile but when he does it’s when you least expect it.

My idea here was to write short simple blogs but I can see now that I blew it. I wanted to focus the rest of the week on these short simple messages yet here I sit going off of the topic I had actually wanted to touch on briefly. This was one of those ideas I got after checking out a variety of religious websites. I love the internet. You got questions Google has answers. The short simple blog will continue again tomorrow. Of course I say that and then something like this happens.

I have to be careful with this one because I know once it’s out there it needs to be clear so people don’t get offended. Nothing bothers me worse than unintelligent people. Let me explain before people start writing hate comments. When I say that I don’t like unintelligent people I mean lazy people, people that don’t hold beliefs, or ideas that are their own. They’re parrots really who latch onto someone else’s idea, theology and make their own slushy of ideas, or say that they don’t like something or someone because of something they heard. They don’t take the time to flesh out their own opinions so they use others to justify what they think they don’t like.

I have always been the type of person that has to find out why I don’t like something. I like to be prepared for that moment when they ask; “Well why don’t you like it?” I will sit through a crappy movie or CD just because I have that mentality of if I started it I have to finish it unless it’s total garbage and I realize that I’ve wasted enough time it’s just poop and we all know that you can’t polish a turd. That mentality has served me well as a Christian due to coming against all of these religions and belief systems. Even if I don’t agree with it I’ll study it just to see what all the fuss is. That’s why I have books that are written by Universalists, Evangelists, and Apologists. Sounds nuts right but you never know when God will lead you to one of those people and an opportunity to share your faith or lead them to your church presents itself. If you say well I don’t agree with your theology or dogma they’re going to want to know why and if you become a parrot you’ve lost them. If you can say: This is why I disagree with your point of view and give them valid reasons they’ll see you as an intelligent person. It may cause a debate but if you’re parroting someone else’s ideas how exactly are you going to win them over or even get them to respect you? You can’t.

I truly believe that we should learn about as much stuff as possible. If you feel lead to serve God study other theologies and compare them to your own. If you’re confused about other religions and what they believe don’t just listen to someone else’s ideas. Formulate your own. So many times I have found myself with questions about stuff but instead of asking other people I just went off on my own taught myself. It was more fun that way due to fact that I wasn’t influenced by the opinions of others. Even now I’ll hear something that doesn’t sit right with me so I’ll go to my Bible or look up the Church it came from. Now if I hear something I can tell you what religion it is. It wasn’t something God told me to do. I was just interested in theology.

I truly hate talking to unintelligent people and the older I get the worse it becomes. I hate being in a room with parrots. There’s nothing cooler than having your own opinion on something. When you share a thought or idea with someone even if the other person thinks you’re an idiot it shouldn’t matter because you came up with the opinion on your own and sometimes people will agree with you and if they’re parrots they’ll use your ideas and blend them into a slushy with the same principles or ideas that they just stole from someone else. Wow, this was longer than I expected.  Oops.


One thought on “Another blog about nothin’

  1. Love the purple lol. In my quest for the right religion for me all the people I speak with simply repeat everything they know about their religion and then say “Well, it is written”.

    I’m not sure if I can believe everything that is written in the bible as exact. Noah’s ark..Ummm monsoon season…or Gods wrath? I’ll send you my views on this if you are interested. Also I am not sure that God created all life,the heavens and the earth, however I do believe He created man. I do believe He made the earth livable for man.

    Most people I have said this to step away from me I think they believe I will be struck by lightning or that I am evil in some way. Other people simply say, “There is no God.”

    btw you can polish a turd..don’t you watch Mythbusters? Jamie and Adam both polished a turd. But it doesn’t mean you’d want to display one in your home. Keep writing. Your blogs are fun and educational..I have never had one hurt my brain yet. 🙂

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