How to please God

I thought about this one before I went bed last night and I wondered how many people truly know what pleases God. If I asked a hundred people I’m pretty sure I’d get a hundred different answers. Accept Jesus as your savior? Tithe your ten percent? Go to church? Good answers but I have come to believe what pleases God the most. We please him the most when we praise him. I know in this crazy world we live in there just isn’t enough hours in the day to truly praise Him plus when you think of praising God your thoughts go right to church.  I am praising God constantly. As I go through my day I’ll just say a silent prayer of praise. Praise doesn’t have to be loud and boisterous but even at home I’ll do that too. God loves your praise and a lot of times we get so overwhelmed by our lives we get focused on what God can do instead of what he has done. Another way to praise God is by immersing yourself in his word. Notice I didn’t say read. Anyone can read the Bible but when you immerse yourself in it you’ll find new meanings and new ways to look at the world around you. In this world of negativity there has to be something  positive right? Pray. When I say pray I don’t mean the usual I need a financial blessing, or I need direction prayer. I’m talking a prayer of thanks. Widen up your eyes and see what God has already done in your life and thank Him! Added to all the other things the Bible says are pleasing to God these simple things are often overlooked. Pleasing God shouldn’t be hard to grasp or figure out.


One thought on “How to please God

  1. It never occurred to me to ask God for money or to help me get a job. I usually thank Him for things I already have.

    I have a wonderful family. Friends that are still friends even though I made a big mistake and lost a few..My real friends stuck it out. I thank Him for that..

    I thank Him for sunrises and sunsets. I thank Him for the ability to see the good with the bad. And giving me my art.

    I hope I please Him and I hope I give Him a laugh every once in a while. God is amazing..

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