E-books (a gripe in d flat)

     Maybe I’m too old to understand the concept of the e-book. I come from an era when the concept of a book made sense. You went on a boring vacation with your parents you took a book, a blanket and a pillow. If you didn’t you were going to be one bored or rested person. Back in the stone age we didn’t have I-pods or portable gaming systems so you had to actually amuse yourself with out a laptop. The thing is that I actually like to read. The coolest smell in the world other than my wife and coffee is the library. Ever get a really pristine or old copy of a Dicken’s novel that has that slightly musty smell? That’s the smell. I smell that and I am like a bloodhound. I will actually close the book on my nose and breath it in.

     Now we have kindles and e-books which takes away the fun of reading. I couldn’t imagine lounging under a tree with a laptop balanced on my chest trying to read a book. With the e-book you no longer have that smell which is like a huge part of my life. There’s something sacrilegious about reading Oliver Twist or Macbeth on your computer. This was a book that was meant to be read until it was held together by duct tape and by reading it on your computer takes away the magic of not only discovering the book but the memory of where you were when you first read it.

   The only nice thing about e-books is that the majority of them are free but still if you have a family you can’t really read it at your convenience if you only have a desktop computer. If you like the book the only way to pass it along is through a URL and now they too are stuck shackled to their monitor.  Why not print it out? That’s why I pay for physical copies of books in the first place. These are two and three hundred page books. That’s a lot of ink. I have like four or five of these things sitting on my hard drive so printing these out just isn’t practical.

    Then the next course of action would be to not read them at all. I have actually thought of that but these are books on theology so I want to read them and complain about it too. Publishers love the concept of digital media because it reaches their target audience a lot quicker. People have grown so accustomed to getting their information as quickly as possible so the art of actually printing a book no longer makes sense economically. Just like compact discs the need for books is mostly for old people like myself that likes the compact size and weight of an actual book. I would prefer to take a book to the beach and not my computer or kindle. Next we’ll have holograms of the author reading to us because we no longer want to waste our time actually reading. Wow, that’s scary.


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