Interesting Friday

    Ever have one of those days where things happen for a reason? I’m talking a day where you just stand there and think; “Wow, that was cool!” That happened twice to me today. The first thing was built on  a phrase I heard that dealt with spiritual connections. I heard it twice on two different occasions from two different sources. The third time I heard it I just stopped and knew that God was trying to tell me something. You just don’t hear phrases like that on three different occasions. I had never even thought about being spiritually connected and the more I thought about it I could see why I kept hearing this phrase and realized that it was something I needed to be.

    I have always believed that in order to be a Christian you didn’t really need to attend a church. I was okay with not attending and had even found a few places that had their sermons online. The problem is that sure I was learning but when God leads you to a church you’re planting your roots and when you’re in a  church that God leads you too you He leads you to people that will support you and help nurture your faith. Those are the spiritual connections I kept hearing about. Church isn’t just a place you go for an hour on Sunday. Not only are you spiritually connected to God but you’re also spiritually connected to the people around you. Why exactly don’t attend a church regularly? A lot of Christians are far too concerned with how the church looks. They focus all their attention to the size and how pretty it looks but once you attend you realize that sure it’s huge but the people are unfriendly and stuffy.

     I have attended churches that I liked but didn’t feel comfortable and had the great excuse of not being able to drag my lazy butt out of bed. God was sending me the message and today I got it loud and clear. Find a church that you can be spiritually connected too. No more excuses just find the church. I can’t pick the church He will. Sounds crazy right? How exactly will I know which is the church that will get me spiritually connected? The same I always get my answers. He’ll tell me. That’s what trusting in God is all about. When I find the church he’s picked out for me I’ll know and in that church I will begin to see exactly what he has planned for me. It may not happen over night and I understand that. The important thing is establishing the spiritual connections and growing in my faith.

     I also have to talk about the rubber bands. My daughter I believe came up with the idea that in order to stop swearing I needed to wear rubber bands on my wrists and if I swore the kids got to snap them. I wore these things for a long time and it got to a point where I just kept wearing them as a reminder. During the move I lost them and I just never thought about replacing them. Hunter and I went for a bike ride and on the ground was a huge pile of rubber bands. I looked at Hunter and said; “Well I guess God’s trying to tell me something.”  I am now about to sport my rubber band bracelet again. It was a cool reminder of what I had accomplished and even if they aren’t the same rubber bands what they symbolized is very important to me. Now I just need to build up my will power and quit smoking.


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