Upcoming Study

     This evening I decided to actually study hell. My beliefs of hell had actually been passed down through my family and being raised Baptist you’re taught that hell is real so I never questioned it until now. I have been surrounded by so many theologies and doctrines concerning hell I went straight to the source. That’s right The Bible. What did Jesus himself say about hell? The scariest thing was being wrong my entire life. If I was in fact wrong how exactly do I apologize to all those people that were in fact correct? I kept thinking about the whole hell debate and felt pulled toward doing my own study.

    My goal is to have the entire study down within the next couple of days and even look up verses that seem to support other Christian denominations. Here’s the deal. No matter who’s right I want no gloating and I told you so’s. The reasoning behind this is to share the truth. Not mine, some other guy’s but God’s because he is the ultimate authority on the subject. Whatever the Bible says about hell I won’t question it I’ll follow it which is what God expects us to do.  My next blog is going to be interesting and I’m sure that there will be unhappy people regardless of the outcome. You can’t please everyone and besides shouldn’t our goal be to please God?


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