Hello, I’ll Admit It I Don’t Have It All Together

     Faith is an amazing thing. When I think about who I was two, even three years ago I can’t believe that I’ve actually changed so much. When you look at me I’m sure I don’t look like the stereotypical Christian but I think that’s why God chose me to write these blogs and basically struggle with faith, and trust in God. I can be honest with people and tell them that being a Christian isn’t the easiest thing in the world. People assume that because you’re a Christian you lead this happy life void of any unhappiness or trials. I would honestly walk into church and see all of these people and think; “These people are happy and they have it all together.” I honestly thought that God wrapped these people in bubble wrap and protected them from the big bad world.

     Dude, I was wrong and I’m not afraid to be honest and tell you that that is so not gonna happen. You will go through trials and tribulations and there’s just no escaping it. My house was robbed, my son was jumped while sitting on our front steps yet I still proclaim  that Jesus is still King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords. He has truly improved my life and despite the valleys and trials I have yet to have a life as rewarding as the one I have now. I was going in circles for so long that I just grew tired of not getting anywhere. I never thought in a million years that being a Christian would be so rewarding. Yet it is. I am on the verge of getting a job that fits into my crazy life. The hours are insanely perfect and I won’t need a sitter because I will be home to not only get them off the bus in the evening but I’ll be able to spend time with them.

     Is it possible that I could’ve gotten this job without God? No way. My filling out the application on line was done just to see if they would even hire me and they actually called me in for an interview. With my wife’s health the way it is the job came at a time when she needs to relieve a lot of the burdens she was carrying. No, this couldn’t have happened at this time, and this crucial moment without God’s hand gently guiding me to the place I am now. It truly shows me that by giving God full control of my life good things happen not when I want them too but when it’s needed most. I wanted to write this blog to praise God for all that he’s done in my life. I want to praise him for it all. Good times, bad times, all of it.

     When people talk about Christians being a bit boring I can see why. I don’t to get stupid drunk or stoned out of my head to have a good time. I am happy hanging out with my kids or rocking out to some Jesus metal. Sure, I’m boring but I am a lot happier and know that my life has purpose and meaning.


One thought on “Hello, I’ll Admit It I Don’t Have It All Together

  1. Boring is cool. I enjoy reading your blogs because you’re honest,full of love and life. If being Christian was easy,everyone would make it to heaven.Keep the faith 🙂

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