Crash Course In Brain Surgery

   The kids are gearing up to head back to school and I am staring down the possibility of going back to work so until the dust settles I have very little time to formulate any insightful blogs so we have this that I give my son all the credit for. I got him into Christian music but one day I walk into the dining room and he was listening to something that sounded like someone was beating the crap out of a trash can and screaming as if they maybe missed the trash can and hit their leg. That was my introduction to metal core. What is metal core? See above. My question to my son was is that Christian music and could you maybe turn it down? I’m old and have three kids who do enough screaming thank you very much.

     Fast forward to a few weeks later and I had a really stressful day. Yes, Christians do have stressful days but I had no release. I no longer listen to non Christian music so I all I had was some old school thrash but it just wasn’t helping. I needed something aggressive! Then I remembered what my son was listening to. METAL CORE!! I listened to As I Lay Dying and I was actually digging it! Sure, it was noisy and couldn’t possibly reach kids the same way other forms of Christian music could but I destressed and retracted my firm belief that Christian metal core is an abomination and noisy.  Lyrically these bands don’t tackle the same issues that more traditional bands tackle but that’s a good thing.

     It’s interesting because a lot of Christians write off all Christian music but fail to see the reality that these bands are not only reaching non Christians but are supported by Christians. For me to write off metal core without even giving it a chance was being a bit hypocritical. Thank goodness for Fuel Radio for giving me a crash course in a form of music I had little knowledge of. In closing I urge everyone to listen to A Plea For Purging’s  The Marriage Between Heaven And Hell because this is an album that is nothing short of amazing and aggressive. My Children My Bride’s The Lost Boy is another great metal core record.

     To get started you have to have a starting point so here’s a few bands. As I lay Dying, Norma Jean, Symphony Of Peril, Underoath,  A Plea For Purging. The point is that as a Christian you can listen to music that’s aggressive yet is also in line with your faith.


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