Committing a Religious Faux Pau

   Here’s the deal. I got this wonderful idea to look into a Rosary. I hear what you’re saying; “Dude, you’re not Catholic. You can’t do that.” I say why not? The problem with religion is that we put so much emphasis on symbols and theologies that we sometimes need to shock people. Wake them up a little. What better way than to wear a Rosary when you aren’t even Catholic. My friends who aren’t religious are saying what’s the big deal? The big deal is that for non Catholics  to wear a Rosary is sacrilegious.  You can’t do that. Plus, people will assume you’re Catholic.  I am not trying to make devout Catholics angry at me in fact the Rosary to me represents a hardcore belief in God so why shouldn’t I wear it. It shows people that they have to much reliance on symbols and their focus should be elsewhere. Say the Bible for instance? I again hear what you’re saying; “Symbols define us, they make us who we are.” Sure, I’m a free Methodist yet you see you don’t see me sporting a big ol’ cross. Even the pagans are sporting crosses so it doesn’t really say anything anymore. Crosses are just jewelry and by wearing one it doesn’t make you a Christian. “Dude, the Rosary is sacred. You can’t just wear it.” I will and feel free to comment. I love a good debate


One thought on “Committing a Religious Faux Pau

  1. I am not Catholic either but I had a Rosary. I admit I didn’t wear it. But it felt good to hold. And it was beautiful. It had a peacefulness about it. I unfortunately lost it when I moved. I had not thought of it in awhile.
    Sorry I can’t debate you on this. I see no problem with wearing a Rosary.

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