What a week

     The last couple of weeks have been insane! Not only did I get a job but with the twins suddenly starting school it’s really made life interesting. You have sitters to contend with, a school bus that’s supposed to lick your kids up and drop them off to and from school yet for some reason they aren’t on the list. Also keep in mind that we are completely broke. So broke that I truly think I am truly looking forward to seeing my last unemployment check. Did I mention that I have no idea when it’s coming? I also don’t get paid until next week.

     Here’s the part where people complain and say; “God? I thought you led me to this job and tings were going to get better! Instead they’ve gotten worse! Due to this new job and the crazy hours for training I am tired, I’m broke and quite honestly I’m beginning to doubt that you even know what you’re doing.” My motto has been God has brought me to it, he’ll bring me through it. God has a plan but sometimes while following there are going to be trials and periods where following God doesn’t seem to be the best solution.  I know that God has brought me this far so why doubt him now? True faith is weathering all the storms and trusting God. Sure, I’m broke and exhausted but God truly does have a plan and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me next week.


One thought on “What a week

  1. A new routine with the kids starting school. The real fun starts when they get sick and the baby sitter cant come and then you have to call off work..then you get sick..and then the boss gets upset because you miss work… just sayin’ 🙂 lol

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