For Your General Amusement

It’s interesting how everyone wants to shove the years best down your throat. They may as well just title the articles a waste of your time but I want to seem really important. With the end of every year comes yet more annoying lists. Best dressed, best vomit by an anorexic cheerleader, best smile by a drunken hobo. What happens if ya just want to forget the past year? Why revisit the best anything?

This is a blog that mentions nothing of the past year except that it’s over and in the end it was just another year filled with music, movies and yes drunken anorexic cheerleaders. I was actually thinking about writing a blog about the year in music but then I thought who cares? Didn’t someone already write like four hundred of those already? Does my opinion really matter? Nope, not really because I can’t really make you listen to the albums I like and what happens if you don’t like what I like. We just kind of stare at each other awkwardly and stare at our shoes.

As I was thinking of the New Year I realized that i can’t make you a fan of A Plea For Purging if you’re a fan of say Toby Mac. Instead of I was realizing that what I listen to defines who I am as a Christian. I’m a bit rough around the edges so it makes sense that the music I listen to represents that. I also bore easily so I can’t take a lot of praise and worship music. Too happy and I am not always a happy guy. I also grew up listening to hair and speed metal so therefore the first Christian bands I listened to were Stryper, Tourniquet, and of course Barren Cross just to name a few.

I hate Christian music that’s simple and boring. A lot of Christian metal bands treat their lyrics like a Bible study so you actually learn something about yourself and how to conduct your life as a Christian. I love lyrics that take a while to figure out and when you finally get the meaning it’s a lot like getting hit in the face with a hammer. Of course there are days when you actually need a little praise and worship music just because it’s one of those days when you need a little boost and Place Of Skulls is just a tad too serious.

When I think about some of my favorite bands and what they mean lyrically it makes sense and actually compliments my beliefs and the core of who I am. When you walk into my house you could be exposed to music that will make your ears bleed and that’s a good thing, Why does Christian music have to be safe and boring? You want an example of a great Christian metal record? The debut album by Living Sacrifice. I’m not a boring stereotypical Christian so when you look at some of what I listen to it just fits me personally.

Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I have to stop listening to metal. It’s a huge part of who I am and I just can’t change it. This year was an exciting year for me in terms of music. I discovered Sinbreed, Faith Factor, Templar, Flyleaf, A Plea For Purging and rediscovered stuff that I had totally forgot about. The whole point of this blog is simple. As Christians we’re all different and for me I will always be on the outside looking in. Just because we accept Christ it doesn’t mean you have to change parts of who you are. So while a lot of people are revisiting 2010 I’m enjoying the same stuff I always did. Happy New Year everyone


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