I have to try to figure how to top last years blogs. Think about it. I’ve offended cheerleaders, Mormons, Universalists and even hobos. What’s left? How can I top last year and I even started late? I am at a loss because in all honesty I never wake up saying to myself; “Who can I offend today?” It just doesn’t work that way. I get an idea and just run with it. The problem is that I have a twisted sense of humor and yes I am a bit honest but is that such a bad thing? I have actually inspired people as well as offended quite a few and I can say I can try to be better and try not to offend anyone but the truth is I will and I can’t lie just to make people feel better. If you read my blogs odds are you like them even if you get offended. More often than not I do give people something to think about, but still I have to figure out how to top last year.

     As I write this I have no idea what to write about in the coming year but people who know me are expecting something offensive and inspirational. What happens if I fail? That’s a lot of pressure. I may even be forced to retire and that would suck because I like blogging. I like giving people something to think about. As a Christian I try to write about things I’m lead to write about even if they are offensive. When you think about it once you attack Mormons and universalists there’s nowhere else to go but I’m sure I’ll find something. I always do and like I always say if you you’re offended by what I write stop reading.

     I can promise you that I am still going to be the Christian that refuses to be put into a nice little box because being stuffed in a box doesn’t give you a whole lot of room to move and what happens when you outgrow the box? Do you get another one? Does it really matter if I fit in with the conservative folks that sit all quiet like and say nothing when they hear or see something that bugs them? If I hear something from a preacher or even a Christian denomination that doesn’t fit in Biblically you’re going to hear about it.

      In the new year I promise to enlighten, offend and even make all of my readers laugh. It’s just how I roll and yes I will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while wearing a Stryper t-shirt. The goal is never to offend but lead people to Christ and yep I also promise to remain as scruffy as possible even though my goal is to find a girlfriend in the new year. I will remain the same dude I have been so fear not despite my personal demons, and continuing life changes I will blog as much as possible.


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