Consuming Fire

     I am actually writing this blog for my son who has been asking me tons of questions about Jesus and his death. Why did Jesus have to die and the answer is rather simple and if you really think about it the death of Christ gives us a whole new perspective on our faith and how we as Christians sometimes take the gift of salvation for granted. I have to thank my son for asking me this simple question because as I thought about it I realized just how amazing God is.

     In order to truly understand sin as well as the implications of it simply read Genesis chapter 3. Eve being been tempted by the serpent and the following action suddenly brought disgrace and separation from God. Suddenly man and woman had something they didn’t have before. Yes, there’s that knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil but there’s also something there that a lot of people don’t realize. Free will. It’s what drives as people, and its free will that truly seprates us from eternal life.

     After the Garden Of Eden there comes the great flood of Genesis 6:5-8. Sin had become such a problem that God regretted that he even made us so he destroyed us in hopes that by rebuilding we would return to what he had intended way back with Adam and Eve. Problem was it didn’t work and free will was still a factor so people once again rejected God and did exactly what they wanted despite the knowledge that God was real. In the Old testament God was everywhere. he spoke to Moses, Job, and yes Noah. God was a visible presence but despite that people still rejected God.

     Here’s where God is truly amazing because he realized that what man and woman needed wasn’t destruction. They needed a Savior because sin was the only thing separating us from him. No matter what the prophets said or even did wasn’t getting through to everyone because free will blinded so many people from truly understanding the true mercy and love of God. There needed to be an atonement for sin and to save us from eternal death God then made the ultimate sacrifice. 

     Why then would God come to earth as a human only to die? If you read in Isaiah, and various other prophetic books of the Old Testament Jesus’ life, death and ministry are all foretold. After destroying the earth God realized that it wasn’t going to solve anything. Sin was the only thing keeping us from God so he sent Jesus to die for our sins. When you hear people talk about God and why he would allow his people to suffer eternal torment you have to realize that God had a plan all along. Our sins were the only thing keeping us from God and eventually that debt would need to be paid so Jesus came not only to die for us but as a messenger of hope. Through Jesus’ ministry we are given a definitive guideline to not only live our lives but to treat others around us.

     Jesus knew that he was dying but he was doing it out of love. God knew that there had to be some way for us to not only draw closer to God but without Jesus dying there could be no eternal life. John 3:16 says it clearer than I ever could. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that we could have everlasting life. One act of love eradicated every sin we were going to make. God knew that there had to be a blood sacrifice to clean the slate for his creation.

     Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with God. God wanted us to have eternal life and through Christ it was suddenly possible. Mark 10:45 is powerful because you get a sense of God’s love. Jesus gave his life for us so that we could live eternally and so there could be no mistake Jesu made clear that he is in fact the way the truth and the life no man can get to heaven but through him. 

     God also realized that there would also come a time when false prophets would rise up and say that they are the true gateway to Heaven and salvation. Jesus become the light and the symbol of truth without God deciding after the great flood that the world needed a savior, someone to teach the truth, and to show them what love truly is. Instead of focusing on Christ dying try to imagine yourself as Jesus and the immense burden he faced. He was the ultimate sacrifice but imagine living day after day knowing that you were not only going to die, but you were going to die a violent, painful death.

     Jesus knew as a child that he was going to die but it wasn’t in vain. His death made it possible for us to live eternally and avoid God’s harsh judgment. When other religion’s tell you that there is no hell, or that God is just to nice to send his creation to eternal torment you’re half right. God came to earth as a man and died so that we could live. God did want us to live eternally and that is exactly why Christ died. Our sins were just too many to allow us to receive God’s mercy and there had to be a sacrifice to atone for those sins.

     Through Jesus we can avoid Judgement and through The Bible we have the knowledge and wisdom to live our lives just as Jesus did.  Why did Jesus come to earth if he was just going to die? A very good question and the answer is because he loved you enough to save your life. Without Jesus dying on the cross there would be no eternal life, no salvation. Jesus’ death was one of sacrifice. We still have free will but now we have the gift of salvation and eternal life. We can choose to be blind to the truth or we can accept eternal life. We have been given the most amazing gift yet continue to reject it because of pride and ignorance.

    Here’s some very good verses that show us how amazing God truly is. Romans 3:10-12, Isaiah 1:18, Ephesians 1:3-14, Isaiah 11:12 Isaiah 61:1, Romans 10:9, Philippians 2:9-11 Romans 5:16, 1 Peter 3:18, 1 John 3:8, Isaiah 53:5-7, 12, Mark 10:45


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