Wait, I’m single?!


     Seeing as how this is my blog I thought about how I could actually draw more people here. The problem is that I keep drawing blanks until the answer came to me as I was waiting for my kids to come over for the evening. My separation would be perfect because let’s be honest and say that I’m doing a lot better than most guys. I took care of the kids, got them off to school in the morning, and even cleaned and did laundry. Most guys can’t even do that so I was fortunate in that regard. The only problem I had was finances. I didn’t want to deal with them so I left those to my wife. What I had was the ability to actually survive on my own but I had no idea how clueless I was when it came to shopping for groceries or even paying bills. The only thing that sucked was that I was actually separated. My wife and I had talked about but when you find yourself looking for your own house well you know you’re about to face a serious life change.

     Here’s the deal, I am not about to bash women at anytime during these blogs. At some point I would like to date and women have very good memories. I was married for seventeen years and my ex-wife would remember things that I had no recollection of so don’t think for a second that you can say something about a woman and expect her to somehow forget because they won’t. Plus I happen to like women a great deal. No matter how mad I get I just can’t hate woman. I draw the line at dating dudes. I’ve seen myself naked and it’s not pretty. Women just smell better than a dude too. I should know I had actually had a couple of days to smell myself due to having a free weekend and It was all bad. Head all stubby and to top it off I smelled like I was harvesting onions. The problem is that when someone asked me what I was looking for in a woman I said; “A pulse.” I ‘m figuring that was a bad answer.

     I did think about that one day. Everyone has a type and mine is hot nerd. Kari Byron, or that chick Claudia from Warehouse 13. That’s the kind of woman I’m looking. Hot nerd. Is that too much too ask for? I figure though at this point in my life I’m not even looking for a date. I figure as long as I can get out of bed it’s a good day. Plus I was married for seventeen years and the last thing I want is to jump back into a relationship. I’m still trying to figure out how to live alone. I mastered living with someone but living alone I am way out of my element. I did realize that living alone is a tad scary. There’s no one in your bed with you to elbow when you hear a strange noise. You’re on your own but thankfully I live in a nice quiet neighborhood so I don’t ever have that problem.

     So I know there’s a lot of people wondering if I’m finished with my Christian blogs and the answer is of course not. I am embarking on a new stage in my life so why not share it? Interestingly people outside of Christianity will say that now that I’m separated how can I be a Christian? Well genius my hands were tied. What happens when your wife just doesn’t want to be married anymore? I can’t really force her. I could but they have laws against that sort of thing so I guess the only answer I can give you would be that sure the Bible frowns on divorce but the next time you’re at church find out how many people are in the pews that are just like me. They’ll have that same confused look on their face just like I did. Stupid people are one of my pet peeves. There are more divorced Christians than you might think so please shut up.

      The separation was something my wife and I had talked about but I assumed that we would work through it. Guys and gals if your spouse is talking about separating you may as well pack your bags, kiss the kids goodbye and kiss your house goodbye. I was smart. I prepared but my exit wasn’t as graceful as I had hoped, I thought it would be pleasant and kind of emotional, All I can say is that it was emotional alright but it was far from pleasant. There was a lot of screaming, a few broken dishes and a suitcase full of anger and regret. I still am angry but actually today I woke up fully okay with how my life is actually going. It took three months but dang it I did it. This is what the new blog is going to be about, I hear people complaining. Their probably expecting me to turn into a wimp that wears a skirt or listens to Air Supply and I assure you that I will not whine or write my blogs wearing a skirt. I just want to show people that being separated isn’t actually the worst thing in the world and you can actually use it to move forward, That’s what I’m doing and I hope people read these new blogs and find them at least interesting.

     That leaves topics. I have tons of stuff. Two months of trial and error. I call it the good, the bad, the ugly, and dude what were you thinking? I always had my wife as my voice of reason, but suddenly it was all gone. My oldest son decided to move in with me but he’s not a very good voice of reason, He just laughs when I do something stupid. No warning at all just bursts of laughter. I think we all have days when common sense just flies out the window but I’ve noticed it a lot more now that I’m single. Now that I’ve laid the groundwork for the new direction I hope y’all like it and don’t forget to leave comments. Cheers.


4 thoughts on “Wait, I’m single?!

  1. Great post, amazes me when people who have been through certain experiences ie divorce, out of wedlock childbirth, abortion etc are judged by people in church! God hates divorce but loves the divorcee…wishing you all the best and looking forward to more posts!

    • It’s always nice to know that Christians are so supportive. I know that as a Christian being separated has challenged me a little but at the same time it has actually strengthened my faith. I think the thing to remember for people in my situation to remember is that God isn’t going to abandon you because your spouse left you. God will guide you through but you need to remain strong and rest in him

  2. Air Supply? No way. No one should have to listen to Air Supply. Not even as a punishment. As for the skirt unless you want to pair it with six inch stilettos forget it.
    Love you Michael, keep writing it brings out the best in you.

    • Surprisingly I do have some Air Supply but I’m sure if I listened to it I would start sobbing like a girl and what would the neighbors think? Thanks but as for the best? Nah, it just makes it easier to deal with everything a little better

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