I want to be a normal Christian


     Okay people let’s have a chat shall we? It seems that Jman is a bit concerned about his fellow Christian folk. I know shocking isn’t? The mere idea that a Christian would be judgmental, or gasp! Hypocritical! It just makes me weepy and well a bit sad because those kinds of people don’t exist do they? Of course they do! Are you kidding me? Christians are the worst when it comes to gossip and stabbing people in the back. Why do you think we have all those mega churches people! We live in a society that thrives to be the best in everything. We have to drive the coolest cars, and we can’t be seen in that dilapidated church so we go to the Southern Baptist Wal-mart so we can get our groceries and stuff after the service. Ya know it’s really nice in there, all shiny and whatnot. I am so at home at that church even though the preacher drinks like a fish and his wife likes to beat children with shoes. I really feel God is moving at the Southern Baptist Wal-mart on account of how shiny it is and did I mention we’re on tv?

      Jman is concerned because he just doesn’t know what God wants him to do yet. He’s really concerned but it’s like I told him you have to be patient and God will let you know. You just can’t say okay God! I’m here pick me, pick me. It’s not like we’re playing a friendly game of basket ball. God doesn’t point at you and say; “I’ll take the skinny kid. Here’s what we’re going to do. You ready?” Justin is still learning and growing so it’s really too soon for God to place him anywhere. All Jman can do is just learn and grow and when God is ready to reveal his plan then it’s going to knock his socks off. The hardest part is waiting and after awhile you get antsy and looking for a sign everywhere you go. The problem with that is you stop looking for the signs and follow what you think God wants you to do, You end up doing more harm than good.

     Trying to help Justin is really really difficult because let’s face it. If you look at me I don’t fit the standard Christian mold. I slouch, I dress like a slob and there’s that nasty separation that most Christian folks are judging me for. All of my ideas are on Biblical fact not some pastor’s delusion of what he thinks they are. I will pounce on anyone who takes the word of God out of context and I really really try not to judge anyone because it’s just not the Christian thing to do. As Christians our roles are to accept everyone regardless of how they smell, talk, or even worship. If you rip open my chest plate and see my heart it’s white as snow, and then if you peel off my skull cap you would see the knowledge of God seeping out like pudding,

     Sometimes I realize that I’m an outsider looking in. I will never sit at the cool kids table and that’s okay with me but I feel badly for Justin because his views an Christianity are coming on two different fronts. There’s the Church he attends and mine. My answer all the time is to pray. If you feel that something isn’t lining up in what you are told to believe or have doubts pray about it. God will lead you to the answer. I myself have been there and there’s nothing greater than getting your answer from God. It’s frustrating being a new Christian because you’re trying to learn so much and there doesn’t seem to be enough time. You’re always learning something and even though you don’t always feel it God is there guiding you.

     When I say I want to be a normal Christian I want to be one of those nice stuffy folks that never question their dogma, they just accept things as they are without ever questioning it and when they hear something that doesn’t line up with the Word of God they ignore it, not blog about it. They just bump along singing their hymns and just chill. They win people over and they do everything they can to stifle any sense of originality out of their lives. They look just like everyone else and never ever rock the boat. Wouldn’t that be nice? Just sailing away humming Jesus loves me? Gosh, that sounds so nice. So peaceful and yep boring. Just another cookie cutter Christian afraid to step outside the box and make a bold statement in their faith.

     Justin loves me. He has no choice because I’m his dad and because of who I am. You see when I accepted Christ I was a metal head so of course when I became a Christian I became a Christian metal head. Makes sense right? It’s who I am and just because I’m now a Christian doesn’t mean I’m going change everything about me. I’m just playing for a better team and let’s face it have you heard Christian metal lately? It’s insane! Justin likes that I’m different. I’m not one of those stuffy Christians I was able to show him that you can be hard core for Jesus and still rawk your face off. The thing that matters most above all of that is that I was able to show him that Christ truly does love everyone and even though you may feel like an outsider God still loves you.

    What drew Justin into salvation was my scruffy exterior. I am able to live outside the box of Christianity quite comfortably but my love for Christ bleeds through. To most people they are amazed that I’m a Christian. The puzzled expression always amuses me. That’s why God chose me though. To some people I am a light in the dark. they see me and they’re amazed that I’m a Christian. God was able to use me to reach people that normally wouldn’t go into a church. I am proof that God truly does love everyone. You don’t have to change who you are to be a Christian you just find different areas that support your Christianity but stay rooted to who you are as a person. I never stopped listening to metal but now the music I listen to gives my life my more meaning than I could ever hope for. It’s just who I am and God knew that it would be useful to reach people even if some of it scares them.

        Now Justin was concerned because people in his church were frowning on his taste in music and how it couldn’t really be good for him. He’s asking for my advice as we’re listening to a black metal band that wears Kiss makeup and screams as if they’re on fire. This will be the last time I speak about Christian music regardless of the genre. Doesn’t matter if it’s Black metal, punk, it doesn’t matter. Psalm 150 works well for this debate. Me personally feel is that Christian music is a great witnessing tool. It opens a door that would normally remain closed and if someone comments on my Skillet or Stryper t-shirt that’s a great way to witness to someone and let them know about Salvation. God loves it when you praise him. Let me repeat that. GOD LOVES IT WHEN YOU PRAISE HIM!!! It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it. If you came into salvation listening to satanic black metal why change?  Just change the lyrics and use that to reach people. When people talk to me they know I’m a Christian so it really doesn’t matter what I’m listening to as long as I’m following Christ’s commandments and doing what I’m supposed to do as a Christian. The music I listen to is just who I am and sure it scares people but I happen to like it and as a Christian it just fits my Christian lifestyle.

     I’ll never fit in anyway so why try? I’m always going to be an outsider so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to listen to Frost Like Ashes and then read my Bible. Instead of judging people I am going to focus on what God has planned for me and yep I may even throw on some Kiss makeup and go to church.



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