The Ducky Dilemma


     There was a very good reason why I avoided falling in love for so long. I was always afraid of falling for the wrong girl that didn’t love me back. Who wants to end up like Duckie? Ever seen Pretty In Pink? You feel so bad for him and even say to yourself I don’t ever want to be like him but we always do at some point at our lives. We fall for the unattainable women that we pine over and want to make happy knowing that she is never going to like us. Everyone knows but we never see it because we are so busy doing everything we can to be near her. Ducky is so smitten with Andie and he’s so obvious about it. That’s what makes Ducky so awesome. The sad thing about Ducky is that no matter how much you root for him she ends up with Blane of all people. Blane?! Yep.

     Duckie is my hero, and has been for a very long time, but I have kept a closely guarded secret. The guy has class and his devotion to Andy borders on stalking. Everyday Ducky rides his bike past Andie’s house and even tells her dad that he’s going to marry her despite the fact that she only sees Ducky as a friend. Despite knowing that his love for Andy will go no where he loves her anyway. He has no choice. I think all guys and even a few girls have been just like poor Duckie but thankfully I haven’t due my dating a girl a week just to avoid falling in love with anyone. That’s true I would date a girl for a week and find some lame excuse to break up with her just so I wouldn’t fall in love.

     I have never been like Duckie at all. I always saw that as a curse yet as I write this I am just like Duckie. Sad isn’t it? The problem is that the girl I’m in love with is someone I’ve known for a very long time. I know that being in love with her is a complete disaster yet I can’t help it. Of course I will never say who it is because she’s one of my closest friends but when she calls me her voice makes me giddy, I see her and I kid you not I can’t breath. All I want to do is make her happy so I make myself as available as I can knowing that I will never get to take her out or even tell her that there are days when I just think about her and I start smiling. That’s sad. It truly is because loving this woman is a waste of time. She’ll never love me back which is tragic but there’s always the hope that I’ll meet someone else and stop wanting to be with her.

    I never really wanted to be with anyone and now I keep hoping for this woman to notice that I am madly and deeply in love with her. The odds of her noticing are pretty slim but I can at least be her friend and tell her how beautiful she is and when she’s having a crappy day she knows that she can call me and I will do everything I can to make her happy. I can hide how I feel and just be thankful for the limited time I have with her because she’s an amazing woman that has no idea how amazing she truly is. I keep telling her in hopes that she’ll believe it but hasn’t yet so I’ll keep trying. I hate being in love with this woman and hiding it but it’s something I have to do. As long as she isn’t aware of how crazy about her I truly am it’s okay. I will admire her and love her despite the fact that she may never feel the same way about me.



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