The System Has Failed

Let’s try a new direction for this here blog. Forget about the upcoming divorce and focus on some new stuff. I have noticed that there are people who actually want to work in America and hate the idea of public assistance because of the stigma attached to it. Let’s face it if you’re an American and find yourself on welfare well you are a disgrace. If you are a single mother working two jobs and find that neither jobs offer adequate health care what options do you have? In reality there aren’t any because  in America let’s face it the system has failed horribly. The reason for this is because the people in charge have no idea what’s it like to be poor. They like to tell you that they come from humble beginnings but in reality a middle class family in the suburbs doesn’t exactly qualify you as poor. Poor is not having any money at all and wondering when and how the next paycheck is coming in. Dad lost his job because his company decided that it would be more cost-effective to move the company to Mexico and mom, well she’s working at Bucky’s suds and stuff because the degree she has isn’t really worth all that much due to there not being a demand for whatever it is she went to college for.

Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about our neighbor who has never worked a day in his life and assumes that because he’s an American he’s entitled to free money because after all it’s the government’s responsibility and duty to take care of him. Keep in mind that he or she also dropped out of school so they really don’t have many options when it comes to employment. Now because of this schmuck who is quite frankly a burden to every tax payer we have to somehow shine him up and make him employable. Problem is he has no goals, no education and on top of that no work history to speak of.

Here’s where the government gets creative. They throw all of this money at the problem hoping it works. The idea is that with the proper tools everyone can get a better job and no one will be unemployed. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Yay for America! So what happens if you happen to live in a small town that just laid off one hundred workers due to outsourcing? What happens when you run out of jobs? Yep, run to Uncle Sam and they then throw more money at the problem creating all of these jobs in hopes that it stimulates the economy and lessens the need for public assistance but the problem here is that now you have all of these programs but no real way to effectively see if these programs are actually working.

Quite a few of these people aren’t taking the classes to better themselves. They just want their monthly check and are going because they have to. At the end of the six weeks they aren’t really any better off and work at a fast food restaurant because the classes they took never really meant a whole lot. The people who actually want to better themselves aren’t even eligible to take any of these classes and why not? They make too much money. When you look at public assistance now the faces have changed. These aren’t your typical people collecting welfare checks because they’re lazy, in fact they  would love to have a job but there aren’t any available.

How exactly do we fix it? I have no idea. Create new jobs? How can we do that? You need to train these people in whatever field you’re creating and where does the money come? There aren’t any real solutions and if you have people who are unwilling to take these jobs why create them? You can create all of these job programs but if they aren’t offered to everyone why bother? We focus so much on the poor but never on the working poor and those are the ones who need the help the most! I have no idea how to fix the system unless we start at the schools. Give kids a reason to graduate, offer them better college scholarships maybe? Here’s a better thought. Stop outsourcing and allow everyone to attend classes that offer better job training, or even offer it to those who are just getting out of college.  Stop trying to stifle public assistance because let’s face it we need it because there are a lot of families that are losing major sources of income due to outsourcing, divorce and a variety of other reasons. Make sure that the classes you sponsor are actually attended by people who want to be there that way it’s not a drain on the government. If they have to be there they and don’t want to be there.  Kick ’em out and bring in people who actually want to better themselves. Surely there are people that are searching for a way to make more money to not only feed their family but have a job that has better benefits and an opportunity to actually get promoted once in awhile. I could go on and on but I’m sure I’ve offended quite a few people and my brain hurts.


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