Goodbye Myspace

        It started out as a simple idea really. Awhile back I wanted to take all of my blogs from Myspace and save them onto my computer and maybe at some point post them here. Problem is that there are over hundred so it would kind of be like a best of Dr Peanut’s blogs. Of course I realize that I don’t have all that many readers anyway so what would be the point? I don’t know nostalgia maybe? I have picked up a lot more readers and all I can say is thanks for reading. I remember when I first started blogging it was just a test myself to see if I could do it and before I knew it I had written over a hundred which seems crazy as I sit here writing this. A hundred blogs about whatever popped into my head. I think that’s what makes my blogs so interesting. Some people write about specific topics while I blog about anything. As I thought about saving the blogs a sober thought hit me. I’m closing my Myspace page. I’ve been saying I’m going to do it for awhile but I just never got around to it. I’m hardly ever there and in all honesty Facebook and twitter have become my drug of choice. Myspace is like a warm fuzzy pair of slippers that are suddenly falling apart. You hang onto them for awhile because their comfortable. Well the time has come for me to spend the next week removing all of my pictures and saying goodbye to Myspace.

     From there I plan on posting a few of my blogs from Myspace simply for nostalgia. Who knows maybe more readers will discover one of those blogs and chuckle a bit or find something inspiring. It also gives me an excuse to be lazy which is always good. I want to stress that I’m not out of ideas or reaching a point where I need to stop blogging because I can’t. I keep saying I’m going to pack it in but much like the Rolling Stones I keep puttering away. I do realize that at some point I’ll have to quit. Who wants to read about some old guy playing bingo or trying to figure out which pudding cup’s his favorite? When I started blogging I had no idea that WordPress even existed but I had gotten this insane idea to move the blogs away from Myspace and here I am on WordPress. When I discovered Windows Livewriter I was stoked because suddenly I could write a blog, save it and post it whenever I wanted. I knew even then that I would pull the plug on Myspace but I just didn’t want to admit it.

     The nice thing is that while I shut down my page on Myspace I have the older blogs to post. I need to remove my Myspace off of life support and finally pull the plug. As I go through the old blogs and post some of the best and my favorite posts from there just remember I will still try and write new blogs just to show everyone that I don’t have writers block. I’m a single guy with way too much time on my hands (cue the Styx music) and killing my Myspace page just feels right. Word to your mother.    


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