Okay so maybe I’ve gotten off course a bit. I have been a tad gloomy or strayed a bit from what others are liking about my blogs. It happens all the time. We become so accustomed to something and when the course alters a bit people tend to feel left out. A lot of my readers may not be comfortable about me talking about my divorce even though I may do so in a joking fashion. I honestly think that because I tend to add some humor into my situation it’s somehow a bad thing. Then you have those folks who are a bit uncomfortable with my blogs on faith and what not. You truly have to have a balance and the thing I truly set out to accomplish with the blog was a bit of randomness. I am a mess and I have ADD so my blogs aren’t going to follow a path or a major goal because I usually don’t have one so obviously my blogs aren’t either.

When I say that I’m a Christian people assume that I run around all day with a Bible thumping people. Not the case because (A) it hurts when you thump people with a Bible and (B) Religion should be a choice not a requirement. When I’m out and about I don’t expect everyone I meet to know that I’m a Christian. Some people don’t care. They may have had a bad experience with a certain theology or denomination so for me to walk around telling everyone they need Jesus or telling them that they’re going to hell isn’t really helping anyone. As Christians I think it’s important to encourage people to find God but we shouldn’t force them into religion.

Of course anyone who has seen my Facebook page can tell you Dr. Peanut is a Christian. That is the one place I announce my faith. Am I pressuring people into religion? Nope, that’s my page and if I want to praise God and talk about prayer, faith and what have you then I will. If people find that pushy or uncomfortable then unfriend me. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I will attack other religions but not in a bad way. I do this so that I can undo a bit of damage that other denominations are doing by denying hell, or maybe spreading false gospel. I do this in a loving way of course.

It’s also important to note that I am in fact a Charismaniac and in some stoic religious circles I’m an oddball. Ever been to a Charismatic Church? If not I urge you check one out unless your one of those people who scare easily and if you are maybe you shouldn’t. I have always felt that when you go to Church it should be a celebration. You are there to serve God so why sit there all stuffy and proper? Nothing worse than a boring Church. If God is truly present why all the sitting and sour faces?

People who know me a little or a lot know that I don’t fit into what people perceive as a normal Christian. Does the Charismatic tag encompass all of me? Of course not. When you look at me or even talk to me I don’t fit into the mold that everyone tries to shove me into and that is awesome. Why would I want to act, or even think like every Christian? How boring is that? I am very unorthodox in my thinking but that’s cool because it adds another perception to religion. You have those other Christians and then you have me. Not the kind of guy you’d want dating the pastor’s daughter but I’m still a Christian.

I did have my pastor actually speak to me and it was interesting because I haven’t gone to my church all that often and I haven’t even spoken to him on a one on one basis. I haven’t even spoken to him in any capacity. He did tell me that I am an intelligent person that studies, and thinks about things before making any decisions. That’s true because I am all about studying different religions just to get a feel for different theologies and doctrines. I want to know as much as I can about God, and why people believe what they believe. I urge every Christian to do the same thing. What better way to strengthen your faith than by studying other belief structures?

I have a variety of different religious books. I’m talking Mormonism, Apostolic as well as Spiritual Warfare. I am not only becoming better at understanding my Bible but what other religions practice and believe. Ever read the Catechism Of The Catholic Church? Very interesting and there is a lot you can learn. As Christians though we have this mindset of; “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” We become so focused on just our Bible that when we encounter someone who may not share our beliefs we attack them and try to get them to admit they’re wrong. The problem is that because of what they believe we’re the one who’s wrong.  We can argue but we don’t understand what they actually believe .and vice versa

Another thing the Pastor said was that I needed to burn my bridges. There are people in my life that I need to let go of because they’re holding me back. Surprisingly he even said that I’ve already begun the process and that I need to keep moving forward. I actually began to do that but I never told anyone this. It was just a decision I had made one day and tried to implement it but was having a great deal of difficulty. God has a plan for me and I can’t follow that plan if I allow this person to come back into my life. The thing that I noticed is that when I went into that Church I felt at home. That church was where God wanted me to go.

Hearing the Pastor talk to me about all this was insane because I’m not an open person. I try not to open myself up because I like privacy. I like solving my own problems and don’t like to burden people. I hear all the time that I’m a nice guy and what have you but I don’t see it. I don’t ever dwell on who I am because it’s seems odd to me that I should think of myself as anything. People will tell me I’m a nice guy or that I’m compassionate but I never see that because I don’t think about it. If anything I see myself as a total mess that needs God’s guidance and grace. That’s what gets me through.

I have really strayed a bit from where I wanted to go spiritually but I feel that now that I’m in the church that God has led me to I can begin the next phase of my life. A new career, a new outlook on where I need to be spiritually. Hearing my pastor tell me these things was an eye opener. I had been praying that morning for a sign, and I got one. It’s one thing to pray but to hear the answers is quite another. Does it change who I am in terms of the Christian I am? Nope. I still promote, and even endorse Christian Black Metal as well as Heavy Metal, I am all about not only reading the Bible but also reading as much as I can on faith and even prayer. I truly learned that I need to not only read these books but also incorporate them into my life and what make me Dr. Peanut.

The whole importance of this blog is to share the reality of God speaking to you through other people. You may feel as if God doesn’t hear you or that he doesn’t exist but I can tell you from experience that he does and when you least expect it he’s going to call you out and let you know that He’s there and that he’s heard your prayers. Despite the fact that we’re all a little messed up God will use that mess to reach out to others.

Did anyone actually enjoy this blog or even learn anything? Sometimes I just feel led to write a blog without even knowing if it makes sense.  If there is one lesson to be pulled from this blog is that it’s okay to be different as a Christian. That’s what God uses to reach people. I am be a bit goofy but God still loves me. How rad is that?  This is a really long blog and I apologize. God bless and always trust in God



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