Studying The NT (Sorry New Testament)

      I can never ever do anything the easy way. I thought okay, I’ll read the New Testament and acclimate myself with The Bible. I have yet to read the entire NT which I’m sure will surprise people. I have read the majority of the books mind you just not all of them one after the other. Does that make me a bad Christian? I can’t answer that because there are other traits I’m sure other more stoic Christians would actually latch onto. The Christian metal, the absence of a suit when I go to church on Sunday and that’s just a few things. I consider myself a Saint as should all slaves of Jesus Christ. Yes, I also consider myself a slave to Jesus Christ. I’m sure some are saying that Dr. Peanut has truly lost his mind and I would agree to a point. The point is after deciding to read the NT it dawned on me that as a Christian I’ve truly missed out on some really amazing stuff that actually went over my head. The importance of King Jesus’ arrival foretold in the OT (Old Testament). In order to truly understand who Jesus was as a Savior, as a Messiah, it’s important to study who God said he would be, and what he had in store for us as followers of Christ. We know a lot about what Jesus did but the Old Testament prophecies were all about the announcement of a Savior coming to redeem us. Not only was his arrival prophesied but so was his death. I’ve been a Christian for a couple of years now but I never claimed to be a Biblical scholar but the idea that I could truly study who Jesus was, and in a sense is it would enable me to be exactly what Jesus expects me to be. I need to be humble, loving, graceful and above all have a clear understanding of what being a Christian is all about. How exactly will this blog look and how exactly will I begin it. I just did. I will try and refrain from calling Jesus a righteous dude but He is. How many people can you say would truly die for you? He arrived in this world to redeem us, to give us eternal life and he did this willingly. His whole purpose was to free us from the bondage of sin yet sadly so many people are still slaves to sin. My goal is to be as simple as I can because let’s face it a lot people talk really big and some people just need thing simplified. I think we all know who Jesus was, what God essentially sent him to do but I feel that these OT prophecies will inspire us to study God’s word and draw closer to Christ. I am really excited to do this and I have no idea how long this will last or even if it will draw in new readers but I hope it helps people who have yet to crack open a Bible and accept Jesus Christ as Their personal Savior.

      As maybe a side not some of the things I ‘m beginning to see are words that I’ve tried very hard to ignore. Unselfishness, what? really? I just started being selfish and there’s also humility which is something I struggle with along with the whole love people. Love is something I really struggle with and I realize that these are hurdles that Jesus have showed me in order to strengthen my faith a little bit. It shows me exactly what I’m lacking. I also learned a new word which is discipline. As adults we have disciplined ourselves to go to work and pay bills and be responsible but I we need to discipline ourselves on how to pray, and read our Bible. So I will end this and report back with the first part of my adventure.


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