The fall

      I have to start the OT portion of this in the beginning. We all know the beginning of the Bible. God created and on the eighth day he took a nap. He made something from nothing and on the eighth day he said; “Dude, I need a nap.” Makes sense and if you were in the same situation you would say the same thing. The cool thing about creation was that he created us in his image to live perfect lives in harmony with Him.

    The problem with that was satan. He was cast out of Heaven because he wanted to be greater than God. He rebelled, was cast out of heaven and his jealousy ruined everything. Satan had found a way to manipulate Eve by  confusing her. Genesis 3:4-5 is satan telling eve that by eating the fruit we can become like God and have the knowledge of good and evil. With that knowledge came free will which satan himself had possessed as a cherub. With free will you can either accept or reject God and satan knew this.

     By confusing Eve he was then able to manipulate her. That’s exactly how satan operates. He makes evil things look pretty good so that after a while we begin to question God a little bit. Through his jealousy of God satan was able to use the one thing that kept us tied God and use it against us. Satan knew that the tree was his way to get back at God and he saw Eve alone in the garden and he manipulated her into eating the fruit.

      Once Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit we had a choice to rebel against God.In a sense we could become like God. Satan succeeded in separating us from God through Eve. Satan knew that once the forbidden fruit was eaten he would be able to convince people that he was truly like God. It worked. God eventually became so angry he decided  to destroy the world that he created. The sin that satan had introduced into the perfect world that God created broke his heart so he sent a flood to destroy it.

      The problem was that the flood may have destroyed the world that God created but because of free will and the knowledge of good and evil there was still sin. Even though the world was destroyed the very people who God created to worship and respect him were still rebelling. You also have to understand that because of sin we were suddenly separated from God so that created a problem for those who served God, and led holy lives.

     Our sins had become so great that God needed someone to redeem us of those sins. He began to send prophetic visions of a redeemer, someone who would shed his blood so we could live eternally. This savior would die so that we could live. The blood that was shed not only paid for our sins but for the sins of those who led holy and righteous lives. When I delve into those visions it’s amazing how God loved us enough to say; “I got this. Someone is coming to save you.” That’s love. Our free will could suddenly save us? How is that possible?

     In the New Testament we see that the messiah that was prophesied in the OT was in fact Jesus. This was God made flesh and his goal was to bridge the gap that separated us from God. A flood may not have defeated satan or eradicated the sin that permeated and still permeates this world but the blood of Jesus set us free from that sin. The one thing that kept us from God was suddenly eradicated.

     Once Jesus paid our sin debt we may die but we still live eternally. You still have satan who is in fact the lord of this world and he’s still trying to confuse us into thinking we don’t need God or creating these theologies that seem to represent God but truly don’t. Some of these prophecies are amazing because it’s God telling us to hold on I have something planned that’s going to blow your mind.

      Reading these prophecies that God gave these prophets gives me a deeper love and respect for not only God but also Jesus. Despite his anger at us for turning our backs on him he loved us enough to give us a way to get home. Through Jesus we have so many lessons and ways in which we can lead our lives but we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated and led away from the gift that God has given us. Satan thought he had beaten God but God has the one thing satan doesn’t. Love.


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