A glimpse of Christ

God sent prophets a very clear and concise message. I am sending you a redeemer, someone who is going to save you all. If you read the Old Testament you’ll see another reason why God became flesh and came to earth. He did it this for a reason. A lot of times God would visit people that he favored but it was done in such a manner that it would strike fear into the hearts of those he visited. Burning bushes and what have you so God was suddenly able to visit his people, speak to them and spread his message without thunder and lightning and catching hillsides on fire. It was important to show his creation that there was redemption coming but it wasn’t going to be what they expected.

Deuteronomy 18:15-18 is a message to us telling us I will give them a prophet from among themselves, like you, and I will put my words in his mouth, and he will say to them whatever I give him orders to say. As the verses go on there you see that God is sending this prophet for what reason? Two reasons to give God a voice and to show people that what God is saying is important without all the fire and what not. they didn’t want to hear God’s voice anymore, it scared them.  They didn’t want to see the fire anymore because when God appeared to these people it was like a metal concert. You had flash pots, smoke and it scared them to death.

Psalms is another great book for Messianic prophecy. Sadly God didn’t send these prophets visions of a happy Jesus spreading love and joy to everyone. God knew that when Jesus arrived not everyone would accept him. God also knew that Christ would be rejected, scorned, and even ridiculed yet God sent him anyway. God’s love for us was so great that he sent us a prophet to die for us. Psalms 22 is an early glimpse of Christ’s death on the cross. God was sending us a prophet to not only teach us but to also die for us. That is powerful and what saddens me is that I’ve never realized that this was all about Jesus as he hung on the cross.

Imagine the pain and anguish he felt as he hung there. Blood pouring from his forehead, from the wounds that he had suffered as he was led to his death. Why did God send this vision? Was it to horrify us? Not at all I think it was to show  us that even though Christ would suffer for our sins the message of God was clear. I love you and I am sending my son to die so you don’t have to. Psalm 22 is about God suffering and praying. Even though these prophets would talk about these horrifying visions it didn’t change the way people viewed God.

Psalms 31:15 were David’s words spoken by Christ as he died to pay for our sins.  Psalm 69:21 is yet another prophecy of Christ suffering on the cross. It’s yet another glimpse of our Savior as he died. These snapshots give a glimpse of what was to come as well as to  warn us. Despite the hope of Christ’s arrival and what it meant the end result was one of anguish and suffering. One man nailed to a cross dying alone because he loved us. There is no greater love than the love that Christ showed us as he was led to that cross, and beaten almost to death and for what reason? So we might live eternally.

Isaiah is the most prophetic books on Christ’s arrival. I can go over all the verses but there are so many I’ll just list them and you can read them yourselves. It would take too long to speak on them and give a running commentary. Is 11:2  talks mainly about the spirit of God resting on Christ, it tells us that not only is Christ our redeemer but he is the spirit of God. We should pay attention to what Jesus is preaching and telling us because he is truly sent by God. Is 9:5-7  is an announcement that Jesus is coming. In the second half of Isiah 40-66 we are given prophecies of Christ. Some good, some not so good but the visions that God gave Isaiah were very important to us who need comfort and hope. Malachi 3:1 is a promising message of Christ’s arrival. God is sending a messenger to pave the way for God’s return. When will God return? It’s truly not for us to know.

There you have it. The announcement of God sending us someone who is going to teach us, to lead us and also to die for us. God wanted us to be prepared for his arrival, he wanted to be excited because in Christ we have an example of perfect love. Does it draw me closer to Jesus? How could it not? It gives me a deeper respect of God because he set all this in motion. You can easily deny Christ or even God but in the end why would you? No one is going to love us like that. Will our family die for us? What about our wives or girlfriends? I don’t think so.




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