Where have I been?

    Can you believe it’s been a year since my last blog. A year! No I didn’t die or suffer some really bizarre accident that left me horribly disfigured although it would make for a great blog.
     It would be great if I was missing a phalange or two but sadly I have all ten. The reason for the absence is quite funny actually and typical of my life. I left the house one day and left my laptop open and my dog chased the cat onto the kitchen table and spilled a full cup of coffee all over the keyboard.
     I assumed I’d get a new computer someday but it just never happened. I can dream about a new computer but I’ll never be able to afford one. It’s just not in the cards and I’m okay with that.
     Now that I’m able to blog using my ‘Droid I feel a tad euphoric. A year’s quite a long time to wait between blogs but hey at least I came back. Some people figure it’s too long to be away so why bother.
     So now that I’m back let’s cover what everyone can expect from this return. A kinder gentler Dr. Peanut? Are you kidding me? This isn’t some cheesy soap opera. This is real life and in the time that I’ve been gone a lot has happened.
     Gone are the religious blogs. They were fun and thought provoking but my real life experiences over the past year totally eclipse my religious beliefs. I have found that while I was seeking God and a better way to live it’s kinda fallen by the wayside.
     So my blogs are all about real life now. Stuff that I find interesting and of course my rants on the stupid things people do. Stupid people amuse me and what’s scary is that they breed. You have a whole family tree that doesn’t split it forks.
     I’m not sure exactly who I am or even what I want out of life anymore and I’m just a tad bitter but the world is full of bitter disallusioned people so I should fit right in. I want to recreate a blog that’s real and honest and yes even thought provoking.
     If you want to comment by all means do so. Be honest, let’s forget for a second that we live in a polite society that is too afraid of honesty. I want to know what you really think even if it’s to say you think I suck or that I’m too bitter and should lighten up a bit.
     I want to say in closing that I truly missed blogging and now that I’m back we’re going to have fun. Just bear in mind that there won’t be any religious blogs anymore. Sorry to disappoint everyone but I’m not all that into religion anymore.
     You can expect the same twisted humor, the same randomness, and for those who missed that well I’ve got good news it’s back and I plan on sticking around for awhile.



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