When you lose everything it’s quite difficult to entertain yourself. What makes it worse is that for now I live with my mom and I’m not going to be like those jolly fellows that move back home and then never leave.
     How do people do that? Sure it’s quite nice to not have any bills to pay but it’s not all that fun. I’m a grown man that’s used to having my own space, my own way of doing things. This is not my idea of perfection.
     If my house hadn’t caught fire I’d be lounging on my own couch, drinking my own coffee and reading. If I felt like it I’d go into my kitchen and cook myself something to eat. It’s all gone and while I’m not missing all the stuff I lost I do miss the privacy I used to have.
     That brings me to my point. I thought that I hated shopping, but added to the list are girlfriends and house hunting. Girlfriends are nasty vile creatures that suck your will to live and throw insane demands and questions at you, and hunting for a house is very frustrating.
     If I need a place to live I usually pick the first house I see because I’m not looking for anything other than a place to live. If it has walls some cupboards and a floor I’m happy. I’m not picky and don’t care about all these bullshit features. Not important.
     This time I’ve looked at houses. The inside the outside and no one has called me back about any of them. I call and say I’d like to take a peek inside and the phone never rings.
     It pisses me off because I’m doing everything the way normal people do them and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. From this moment forward I quit. The next house I see I’m taking. I don’t care where it is, I don’t care what it looks like. I just want out of my mothers house.
     I get that a house is a commitment and all but holy shit people let’s be realistic. It’s a house. It has walls, doors and windows. I’m living there and commited to an idea that I’ll stick around for a bit but that’s it. I’m not marrying the damn thing.
     For all those people who still live with your parents God bless you because I don’t see how you do it. I love my mom, I do but she’s all in my personal bubble. It’s driving me insane! I can’t even eat a bowl of fruit loops naked and if I decide to dance with my shirt off my mom thinks I’ve lost my mind.
      My goal is to look at this house this afternoon and move in this weekend and if that doesn’t happen I’m quite sure you’ll see me on the side of the road somwhere building a cardboard box village and when it’s all built I will be the mayor and we’ll have a nice parade. 

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