I wrote an offensive blog

     I guess I should run a disclaimer before everyone starts reading this. Political correctness has officially left the building and I think it’s about time we were able to have an adult conversation without putting on ear muffs.
     Let’s explore the word faget for a minute. There was a time where it was ok to call a fag a fag or a queer a queer. Rump ranger, sword swallower, butt pirate it was perfectly ok to be anti-gay but now the fairie police are ready to throw the book at you because you happen to dislike who they date.
     In the old days you couldn’t say gay marriage without getting your ass kicked by everyone but now it’s perfectly acceptable and I can’t figure out how the gay agenda snuck in and was greeted with hugs and air kisses.
      Now even the president says it’s ok for two dudes to ruin the idealogy of marriage. I don’t want fags living next door. It ain’t normal and then they adopt kids and the gay agenda suddenly gains even more momentum.
     Fag bashing at one time was considered in some areas to be an Olympic sport but now if you accidently bump a homo you could get sued. What happened? When did the freaks gain so much power?
     Maybe it was Rob Halford. Once he came out I’m sure a lot of limp wristed Nancy boys were farting fairie dust. Rob is a metal legend and if he’s gay suddenly being gay was cool.
      While half of you reading this are horrified that I’d openly say any of this there’s another half that represents the moral majority that are peeing their pants in excitement because someone has the balls to say exactly what they can’t.
      Free speech was given to everyone. The fags, the dykes, the midgets we all have it but our balls were taken by political correctness. Who invented political correctness anyway? Fuck that shit. Fuck being politically correct because all it is is dancing.
     Politically correct people dance around harsh words because they just want to play nice and not offend anyone. Being a fag became an alternative lifestyle, we can’t even say the word retard because it offends you guessed it retards. How do they know it’s offensive? They’re retards!
     I totally got off track with this blog and I’m glad I did because if anyone’s offended by this blog it’s you’re own damn fault. I told you to stop reading but noooooo ya just had to keep reading.
     So now we’ve offended fags and retards and I have to say I love retards. They’re nice people but it’s those fagets you gotta watch out for. They’re sneaky little bastards.
     I have a point here and it’s quite simple. Ten years ago no one would’ve said shit about this blog. They’d laugh and forget about it because that’s what America was all about. We were anti-gay and loved God with so much force that it made Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction look sane.
     We’d mention gay rights and 40 rednecks would’ve stood up and said; “Not in my backyard ass bandit.” Now they’re welcomed everywhere and that’s not progress people that’s giving up.
     I’m not anti fag at all and as long they’re not getting the same treatment normal married couples get I’m fine with Adam and Steve as long as they stay out of my neighbourhood and away from my kids.
     I think the baptists are far worse than I am. For them being gay is a one way trip to hell. There is no salvation if you have dick on your breath. Not gonna happen. I guess Jesus said at one of his tent meetings. That if you suck the dick you lose the kingdom.
     Even lesbians are doomed. it’s all gay people that are going to hell. What worries me is that there is a clause that says if you stop all of your deviant behaviour you’re allowed in. Start banging a few chicks and dudes and cry out to Jesus you’re in.
      And people thought I was fucked up. No one hates queers worse than your local church. Love all people but the faggots, those people are the devil. Ok time to wrap and until next time take care of yourself and each other.

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