Next stop the whacky shack

     I have seen enough movies on the Lifetime Movie Network to know that a woman scorned will fuck you up. If she doesn’t do it physically she’ll do it mentally. It was a woman that invented the mind fuck and they’ve perfected to a science.
     If you scorn a woman she’s capable of anything. Boiling your bunny, wrecking a relationship with a woman who isn’t crazy and they have the sack to say that we made them that way. If you decide to break up with a woman and she becomes nuttier than a fruit cake how is that our fault?
     As adults we should learn at some point that relationships don’t last forever so please for the love of God suck it up and move on with your life. Think about it for a second before you harm an innocent animal, or start carving yourself up like a Thanksgiving turkey. If you act like a big bowl of crazy flakes no one is going to want you.
     The idea that obessession and lover are somehow intertwined doesn’t make any sense at all. How is that even possible? When a girl brings a gift we expect something rad not a severed phalange. It’s just gross.
     What is it about love that turns women into certifiable whack jobs anyway? Do some men find bat shit crazy women attractive? What in the hell is wrong with women? Where’s the dignity? You hear quite often that women don’t need men to be happy but once a man decided to kick her to the curb she goes bonkers and starts slashing his tires.
     As an adult male I would like to find at least one woman who isn’t clingy or won’t go batshit crazy when I need space. Why oh why can’t I find just one normal, sane chick that doesn’t think we’re in highschool? Poof for God’s sake and let me breath.
      As a guy I require some prety basic shit. Quiet time alone, and for God’s sake would it kill you to shut the fuck up for two minutes? I hate when chicks call every five minutes and would it kill you to text?
      Now my problem is that I was looking at a house that was one house away from my exgirlfriend. Why is that such a big fucking deal? As a man I can decide where I want to live and if an exgirl friend can’t deal with me living so close well she can move. There’s no exgirlfriend rule that I’m aware of and if there were I’d piss on it. No, wait I’d wipe my ass with it and then piss on it.
      I’m tired of whiny ass women that can’t accept when shit goes south. That’s when they get all crazy eyed and decide that your head would look good on a stick. I shouldn’t have to rule out a house just because it’s close to an ex. The relationships over so why act juvenille and create invisble lines.
     I’m a bitter man that doesn’t hate women just the bullshit they cause. If women acted like adults the world would be a much better place. instead we have whacky chicks out there babbling about shit that makes zero sense.
     You break up with a chick and you think they get it but they have no fucking clue. Not one. There’s never a moment where they understand that emotionally you’re fucked and can’t invest time in a relationship. It becomes a game of me me me. Why did you do this? Why can’t we fix it? They become a part of the problem and have no idea why.
     Life can be so much simpler without all the bullshit. As a man I can’t even look at a house because an exgirlfriend may take offense. I say as men we rise up and mow down the crazy chicks like wheat. No more being victimized and brutalized by crazy ass woman. We’re men damn it let’s start acting like it.

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One thought on “Next stop the whacky shack

  1. Damn crazy ass women. Sad to hear you are getting shit from her. Ive been there with my last boyfriend/fiancee. Men can be clingy and batshit crazy too. Not all of them are as cool as you my friend. My ex cried so hard when I dumped him that he wrecked his truck. Fkd it up pretty bad too. I laughed. Not all women are bitches and not all men are dicks but when you break up with a real doozy it makes for a tough spot. Good luck and remember I got your back.

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