A hypothetical blog

     I wanted to write a truly postitive happy blog because I haven’t exactly been the most cheerful person lately. Some would say I’m a tad sarcastic, maybe even a bit bitter and I totally agree. In my wallet you may find a lifetime membership card to the bitter bastard society.
     So for just a moment let’s just try and think positive. I got a brain pain just trying but I think I got this. Let’s just do a hypothetical blog that’s sure to confuse and astound people. I like confusing people it keeps life interesting and fun.
     Let’s look for a second past all the anger and bitterness for a moment. That’s another issue entirely and not one I’m ready to tackle. I’m kind of digging the anger bridge and don’t wanna give up my spot just yet. So what’s left to explore?
     Dating. Sure let’s look at that for a second. I can already see eyebrows arching and that confuzzled look crossing everyone’s face. I was vicious about love and relationships but just hypothetically speaking what if it was all just bullshit to cover up the fact that I’m totally crazy about someone?
     What if I wanted to block out the way I felt because I just didn’t want her to know that whenever I’m around her life makes total sense. No matter how much I tried to avoid it all she had to do was look at me, or giggle and I was reminded that no matter who I dated it wouldn’t feel the same as when I’m with her.
      Instead of dealing with it I do what I always do which is ignore it. I became so used to being pissed off and angry it just made sense to bury the one thing that made getting out of bed possible. Hearing her voice could eradicate a shitty day and was a reminder that not all women are certifiably insane.
      Keep in mind that this is all hypothetical and could be total bullshit but I think it is possible to find someone that makes the insanity that is our life more tolerable. She could be out there right now. Is there a perfect woman? Fuck I don’t know, but hpothetically speaking my perfect woman is extremely intelligent, she’s sarcastic as fuck, stubborn, but she’s real. She has no filter between her brain and her mouth and I admire that about her.
     The perfect woman would have to be quite brave to deal with me because I’m a fucking mess, but when I’m around her I feel more together than I have in a long time and there’s no one else I’d rather be with. Bear in mind this is all hypothetical. I’m going to finish this blog and instead of absorbing sappy love songs I’ll be listening to Five Finger Death Punch while all of you try to figure out what the hell I just wrote.
     It’s all hypothetical. I refuse to go soft. So the next blog won’t be so warm and fuzzy. It just felt good to imagine a world where the possibility of love actually exists and maybe it isn’t love at all but we’ll never know because this was all hypothetical anyway. I can honestly say that when you truly care about someone there are no guarantees that it’ll work. You just go with it and hope for the best.

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2 thoughts on “A hypothetical blog

  1. Interesing. Hope the five finger death punch helped quell the warm fuzzies 🙂 Pheobe Snow eased my pain last night. Today is a better day.

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