The fishbowl

     I figure after the hypothetical blog I should follow it up with something else but I got nothin’. I’m not Dr fuck Phil so I can’t give relationship advice and even if I could the question is should you even take it? Odds are that you shouldn’t for a variety of reasons. I can go into them but why embarrass myself?
     Relationships are strange and no matter how much you want to avoid them it’s impossible. No matter how much you try and avoid for falling for someone sometimes a look or even a touch will spark something and before you know it you’re crazy about someone.
      You can’t prevent falling for someone especially when she’s wearing your favorite shirt. I have never planned on dating anyone after my wife and I seperated but I dated two women and one just won’t take the hint and go away. Now I’m just bouncing along trying to sort out who I am and writing these blogs because therapy is too expensive.
      I have learned a lot about myself and despite the brokenness I feel I have realized that I have zero will power which sucks because I used to have tons of it and suddenly it’s all gone. The funny thing is that I know exactly what happened to it.
      I always assumed that for the most part when you tell a woman that it’s over they usually get it. They may feel hurt and rejected but at some point they get it. The calls stop and life slowly goes back to normal. Unless of course you’re me then shit never goes according to plan.
     Things happen that aren’t supposed to happen and in my world ex-girlfriends don’t go the fuck away. They invent boyfriends and get jelous because they assume you’re balls deep in your best friend just because your best friend just happens to be a very hot woman. They send texts that make zero sense and have you scratching your head in total confusion.
     My life has never ever taken a straight course and I don’t understand what happened. How did I end up with a crazy ex-girlfriend that can’t take a fucking hint? Shit, whatever happened to chicks that just went away when they were dismissed? Fucking hell I like my women opinionated and strong willed not fucking crazy.
     When I wrote the hypothetical blog I had no idea that people would try and get me to say it wasn’t bullshit. It cracked me up because it drove people batshit crazy and that in itself was the intention.
     Was it even hypothetical? there are only two people that know the answer. Yep do the math people. They ain’t talking so I guess the issue is closed so now I once again drove everyone batshit crazy and y’all ain’t getting an answer from me.
     I know my Facebook is going to explode tomorrow but I have a date with Zombie dog and staying away from you people. You’re questions hurt my head and all I’m going to do is avoid the question. I would make a great politician. Accept the blog as a glimpse at a life that never makes sense.
     I can’t pretend to be a guy that has all the answers or even pretend that I have my shit togehter because I don’t. This blog is who I am. It’s balls out, full tilt chaos and I’m taking all of you along for the ride.

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4 thoughts on “The fishbowl

  1. I know the truth about your hypothetical blog, me me me and no one else, well two others know of course;) Its sad that you use to think of me in those ways, wait, you still do! Bahahaha! Love ya!

    • You know you will always have a large part of my heart. The love I have for you is special and can never be completely forgotten but now we are very good friends and that in itself is quite rare

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