What’s The Frequency Kenneth?!

     I had a good laugh today which is awesome. I think we should all laugh heartily at least once a day. We should laugh the kind of laugh that makes you cry, and makes snot shoot from your nostrils. Laughing is good. Hell I laugh at random stuff that I shouldn’t even laugh at but I can’t help it.
     Let’s start this blog off by stating that we’re all adults here right? At least I hope so. The point is that as adults there’s a certain way we need to behave. No one likes a whiny, self absorbed asshole bitch. Can I say that? It is my blog right? So yeah I can say that.
     As adults we’re expected to act a certain way, to talk a certain way. Of course you have those that have the maturity of a retarded baboon so of course they’re still in the kiddie pool wearing Spiderman floaties. These people are scum. Quite frankly they’re pieces of shit that deserve pain and all of the misery that life hoists upon their festering rotted souls.
     Why am I being so mean and hateful? Why would I wish doom and suffering on someone? I’m a super hero. I am El Bastardo. My powers are few but mighty. I wield sarcasm like a fat man dishes ice cream. Well, that’s really all I have.
     I have discovered that I’m becoming an alcoholic. It was news to me. Hell, according to the rotten piece of shit spreading this rumour I’m balls deep in two women. I guess they’re so awesome I need to get hammered drunk before banging them or maybe just maybe I’m too drunk to actually go balls deep.
     If anyone has seen me lately I assure you I’m quite sober and only went out twice and sure I got drunk but I did lose everything I owned in a house fire so I just wanted to go out with some friends and have fun.
     What makes this so amusing is that the person that started this lovely rumour is someone who became jealous that I was able to actually go out and hang out with friends. I stopped seeing her so instead of being an adult and going about her business she’s resorted to slander.
     It doesn’t bother me in the least that people think I’m becoming a drunk. I have never given a damn what people think of me anyway. As adults people should really act like adults and stop talking shit.
     This is why you should never ever believe adults who gossip. Most of it’s bullshit anyway and as adults why the fuck are you gossiping anyway? Does your own life suck that much that you have to go around making shit up about other people?
     This is probably the last blog I’ll write about the worst relationship I’ve ever been involved in. Besides I’m already half drunk and need to hit the titty bar by 10. I could be drunk blogging for all you know. Hitting titty bars while blogging. A stripper could be writing this with her nipples.
     A lesson I learned early in life is that life is filled with people that hate you. They hate you because you’re better than them, and deep down they want to be just like you but they don’t have the balls. So all I can say to those people is fuck you.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Frequency Kenneth?!

  1. Excellent point El Bastardo lol!! Your true friends know the truth. You are not a drunk. You are a good man that is allowed to go out with your friends and have fun. As for a trip to the titty bar….tell my buddy johnny hi for me. I am sure you will see him there. Now he is an alcoholic lol but he sure is fun

  2. My nipples will be watching out for you.Tonight I will freeze the pole and stick my nipples to it. It is a can’t miss show.I expect a great tip.

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