Just A Thought

     I should really run a disclaimer here about how opinions henceforth and foursquared are mine and don’t necessarily follow the opinions of other folk. I want people to think for themselves and if they read this don’t be a sheep and nod your head and agree unless you really have pondered it and truly do.

     With that out of the way shall we begin? Last night I went to a religious play. I had no idea what I was in for so I of course Goggled it and saw that it was about death and what happens when you die. You either go to Heaven, or Hell. No middle ground at all really just two options. Once I discovered this I made a decision that truly affected the rest of my life.

     Instead of being like everyone else in the auditorium of this church I would view not only the play but the entire topic of religion as an intellectual. I wouldn’t allow my heart to make a decision at all. Once the play began I knew I made the right decision but the intellectual side was working over time.

     As the play began you were subjected to Jesus being nailed to the cross which makes everyone a bit weepy. Let’s be honest and say it’s a powerful visual and one designed to melt the hardest of hearts. He died for us you poor slob and don’t you forget it! I began to notice that this is an image that all Christians use to persuade sinners and unbelievers to come over to Jesus. He was nailed for you, he died for you. Allow your guilt over your proverbial sins to allow Jesus into your heart.

      Of course you then had Satan, the evil villain in a fright mask and distorted voice. Frightening? Sure, but I noticed again the pattern here and it was a bit shocking to me. Good vs evil at it’s very best. Satan hates you, he wants you to suffer and loves it when you hate Jesus. Very powerful stuff and it’s very effective.

     The play was a shock and awe campaign designed to literally scare the hell out of those who don’t believe in jesus who in my opinion is a bit too huggy. He has his arms outstretched and reminds me of a hippy minus the drugs and dirt. Satan was displayed as a sharp contrast to the hugs and love. He was clearly the villiain and you could tell people were moved by scenes of sinners being dragged off to hell.

     As an intellectual I saw religion a little differently than I did before. Had I allowed my heart to make any decisions I would have been a weeping mess declaring to everyone that I was a wretched sinner that needs a hug from Jesus. If I allowed my heart to decide my fate this blog may have turned out differently.

     I started to distance myself a bit from the scenes of Jesus hugs and a giddy Satan dragging people off to hell. I was wrong all along people. I no longer share the beliefs that I once held so dear. I don’t know what I believe anymore. Intellectually I saw the opinions of other religions side by side with those that I was witnessing and couldn’t say who I agree with.

     Am I anti-God and hell? I can’t say because what I don’t want to argue with those who do. My own personal opinion on the matter is that to an extent I agree with those who don’t believe in hell even though it’s supposed to be in The Bible. Do I even believe that The Bible is in fact real? I don’t know. Religion is one of those things you can’t prove or disprove. People have been greatly improved through Religion and let’s be honest and admit that people have been greatly harmed by Religion.

      I sat back and watched this play and saw just how ridiculous it all was. We use Satan and hell to scare people into believing in God but what if there is no hell? What if there is no God, or Jesus? I wrote all of these blogs proclaiming faith in Jesus and Heaven but was it all a wasted effort? I have no idea and my heart of course is telling me I’m making a mistake by moving away from my faith and allowing myself to live my life the way I want to.

     I sat there and I realized that I needed to broaden myself a bit and remove my heart from all decision making. I needed to start looking at relationships and everything I do from an intellectual basis. Start removing people and doing things that benefit me as a person not because it feels right but it will benefit me as a person. When you start to view Religion differently it affects your entire outlook.

     We allow our heart to make most of our decisions and that’s why we end up where we are. Instead of thinking things through we always end up in situations that are harmful. I need to retrain myself to look at my life and remove the distractions, the things that in the long run aren’t going to work out and may in fact do more harm than good.

     The heart may give us life but at the same time it also leads us to death. Not physical death mind you, but emotional death. It causes us to be involved in things that we have no business being involved in and even our religious beliefs are a direct result of the heart being overwhelmed with what could happen. Fuck that I’m realigning myself to do what matters, and what affects me in the long run. I refuse to make any decisions without thinking them through and seeing how it could play out.

      That play truly opened my eyes and I see myself as a new man. One who is now driven by intellect instead of emotion and I have to tell you that it feels pretty damn good. I’m able to see a lot clearer than I ever had and I wish I had done this a helluva lot sooner.


2 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. This here is a very interesting post for me.
    Religion confuses me a lot as well. There seem to be a lot of rules- many of which make sense, but a lot more which just seem to be saying “If you’re not like us, then you’re wrong.” I think religion should be personal- something you believe in so that you can be the best person you could possibly be.
    I guess I’m okay with someone having faith in, or believing in a particular religion, as long as it’s rules aren’t imposed on me as well.

    • Exactly as someone coming out of it I know that I didn’t preach at anyone and I would hope that people respect me enough to extend the same courtesy. We can’t control what others believe and I would never do that but there are some religous folks who love throwing Jesus down your throat and the only thing it does is push people farther away

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