My Rant Against Violence

     I was thinking today about my last two blogs and how I admitted that I loved horror films. One of my favorite scenes is from a film called Deadly Friend. In the movie a girl who is beaten almost to death and is saved by her best friend putting a chip into her head.

     Anyway the robot hits a woman in the head with a basketball so hard it exploded. It looked like a watermelon rupturing. It was so cool I actually had to slow it down and watch in slow motion. Awesome scene.

     Is there a point here? I think there might be. We often complain a great deal about violence and how it’s affecting our kids, our friends, and even our mothers. How often do you hear right wing wack jobs complian about violence?

      Fact: I have seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at least a hundred times and have yet to wield a chainsaw and rip some people apart. Fact: I have seen the Friday 13th movies at least 50 times but have yet to wear a hockey mask, wield a machete, and kill people. Fact: I have played Grand Theft Auto for more than 8 hours a day for three days straight. I haven’t car jacked anyone.

     Why am I writing this blog? As a horror fan, and video gamer I have to tell parents to watch your kids. Why is it that when someone commits a senseless act of violence the stuff I enjoy is always scrutinized. When horror films in the early eighties came out no one ever thought that it would awesome to visit the nearest camp and stab the shit out of people

     I am a responsible parent. I know my kids and yes I allow them to occasionally watch a horror film. Before I get a ton of comments telling me I’m a bad father you can relax and shut up okay? I unlike a lot of parents have told my kids that what they see on tv and what they play on the videogame console isn’t real. There are consequences if you do anything you see on tv.

     The rule of thumb here is simple. Are your kids mature enough to handle violence? Are they able to see the difference between reality and fantasy? It’s not a video game designer or filmmaker’s job to raise your kids. They are paid to entertain and if your kid can’t distinguish fact from fiction you need to control what he/she is watching.

     As a parent we have a job to do. We have to talk to them, instill morals into them and if a kid acts out and replicates what he sees in a game or a movie it’s the parents fault. We should know what our kids are doing. We should talk to them, and know just how mature they really are.

     I realized when I wrote my blog on horror people would assume I was an idiot without a clear thought in his head. Horror films are entertainment. Do I really enjoy watching people get impaled on trees or gutted like deer? Duh, but I also know that there are laws that tell me I can’t do that nor do I have some insane impulse to slaughter people.

     I’m a very random person by nature. It ain’t easy being me. I listen to Christian black metal and watch horror films. Does that make me a bad person? Of course not. As a parent I’ve learned a great deal. I learned early on about maturity and doing what’s right for my kids.

     We talk a lot about the fictional violence all the time but never mention the real violence. Forget for a second that a child watches a violent movie, or plays a violent video game. Let’s focus on the home for a second. What if a kid is forced to watch his father smack around his mom for not cooking dinner correctly, what lesson is he learning? It’s cool to beat the shit out of women because daddy did it.

      What about the alcoholic parents, the parents that are addicted to drugs? We need to adress situations like that at our schools. The home is sometimes far more violent than a Wes Craven flick. Kids are subjected to violence at home and it’s not coming from the television.

     It’s our job as parents to be open and honest with our kids. We need to teach them morals and values. Hang out with your kids and play some video games with them. For God’s sake just talk to them.


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