Cupid Can Suck It

     Since I’m in the process of getting a new phone I won’t be able to do this on Valentine’s Day so why not do it now? I am anti-valentines day. It’s the one holiday I totally loath. Fucking hate valentines day. I hate it so much I refuse to wish anyone a happy one.

     Let’s be honest and admit that all this bogus holiday is for is to sell shitty cards, flowers that die, and candy that makes you gain a fat ass. Hallmark invented valentines day to sell cards. It’s not about love at all and I refuse to celebrate any holiday that was invented by a greeting card company.

      What I want to know is why the mascot of this bullshit holiday is a fat kid wearing a diaper? When do we ever allow kids to play with a bow and arrow? If he shoots you you’re supposed to fall in love. Bullshit, if some fat kid shoots me with an arrow he better get those stubby wings flapping because no one shoots me with an arrow and gets away with it.

     Love is for suckers anyway. Anyone that believes in love needs to have their heads examined. For every happy couple I’ll show you ten others that are miserable. Here’s love in a nutshell. You fall in love and in two weeks she hates your guts, or you do something so stupid and retarded that she leaves. There you are with a bewildered look on your face wondering how you can get her back.

     I urge all of you people to avoid love. It’s an unrealistic idea that only fools and dreamers believe in. Love is vile and evil, and the second worst emotion a human can ever feel. How in the hell do you avoid it? Stay inside, avoid looking at women all together and if you are in love with someone and you doubt she’ll reciprocate just ignore it.

      There’s nothing worse than being in love and knowing she may never love you. That’s never happened to me but I’m speaking for those who have been repeatedly been screwed over and totally in love knowing that it’s a wasted effort. Love ends in divorce and self loathing. Love will confuse you and have you thinking that life is going to finally turn out fine yet it never does.

      Screw you cupid with your stupid arrows and bullshit sentiments. Screw all those that think valentines day is romantic and full of promise. It’s full of empty promises and unrealistic ideals. I am the antivalentine with the black bleeding heart. I say screw you to anyone who wishes me a happy valentines day except for my mom because she’s fucking awesome and gave me life.


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