Read You Illiterate People

     Now that I use my Kindle app for most of my reading I have become a little nostalgic. I am sprawled out on my bed thinking the same damn thing I always think this time of year. Surprisingly it’s not how great some women will look in shorts or why I find women wearing wife beaters sexy. Those run a close second and third. When spring hits I become a bit like a squirrel but instead of nuts I have been storing books over the winter. The question is what do I plan on reading this summer.

     I love summer because it’s always been my favorite time to read. I used to sit under trees for hours reading. I would think nothing of spending an entire day laying in the front yard with two or three paperbacks within reach. Hardbacks were too bulky but a lot of times that’s all I could get from the library. Gimme a paperback that I could easily carry and I was in heaven. You could always find me and I was usually balls deep in a book.        

     I loved cheesy horror novels and sadly as I grew up that love just transfered into horror films. I used to own a ton of Zebra paperbacks and the one that always stuck  with me is the story about this couple who adopt a kid and she turns out to be a demon or some shit I actually Googled the title and I was half right. The book’s called Jack In The Box by William W. Johnstone. Zebra offered a lot of cheese but there were also some really good books. I wonder how I’d feel about those novels now?        

     Around this time of year I get a little happier. I always thought that winter was my favorite time of year but I get a little antsy when I bounce the clock forward. As a kid Summer was my three months of freedom. The smell of feesh cut grass, the smell of the library. Summer was when I usually discovered new authors. Without school I was free to browse my local Goodwill and various other bookstores to find something that would hold my attention for a few days. Summer was my favorite time of year because I was in charge of my day. I still have fond memories of summer vacations.        

     I know what you’re thinking. Summer is hot, and some people have poor hygiene but so what. People are going to smell and for those who bitch about the heat are the same people that bitch about the cold. I can’t win with you people so I’m not even attempting it. Sunmer is my favorite season for many reasons. The sound of rain as it splatters against the windows and tap dances on the roof of the house. The sound of an approaching thunderstorm and the way a cool breeze whispers through the trees.        

     I do read a lot regardless of the season. As an adult I have discovered quite a few new authors but back when I was younger the summer was the only time I could explore book stores for hours without interruption. Many years later I’m the same way. I go to a book store and easily spend a good two hours trying to find rare shit I read when I was younger or hoping something will grab my attention. The book store is serious chizz and I never take a girl I’m dating. I’ve only taken two amd thankfully I didn’t regret it.        

     I feel the anxiety and I already have a summer reading list compiled. I have always approached the summer the same way. I compile a list of books and usually restructure it in a week. I love a good horror novel but with my love of Bizarro growing I know that my list has evolved this year. It will certainly cause a bit of head scratching.

    What’s on my list this Summer? The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Mellick III, Zombies & Other Shit by Carlton. A ton of Richard Laymon which is actually scattered. I have some boxed in mom’s attic and quite a few on my Kindle. I have some Andersen Prunty and Jimmy Pudge to check out as well.

     On the horror front I plan on reading Salem’s Lot for the 40th time, as well as some Jack Ketchum. Hell I may even attempt to clear out my to read list on Goodreads. Summer is full of posdibilities righr?


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