Whatcha Reading For?

     When I decided to read one hundred books in a year I had no idea how difficult it would be. I figured I’d check out my list on Goodreads.com and see just how many books I’ve read since January. I figured I had to have at least hit thirty by now but no, I’ve only read 15 books. I was stunned to say the least.

The more I thought about it the less depressed I got. Some people don’t even read that many books in their entire lives and here I am upset that I’ve only read 15 in four months. These are actual books people, actual books that have anywhere between one to four hundred pages. So maybe 15 is something to be proud of. I have no idea.

The thing I can’t stress enough is that I’m not bragging. I don’t even know why I threw out this idea of reading a hundred books in a year. I’m sure there are even some people who are scratching their heads in confusion. “Why’s he reading anyway? Books is stupid.” That right there is why I read. When I speak I don’t want to sound like some backwoods hillbilly.

I like having intelligent conversations. If I wasn’t intelligent I would be just another sheep worshipping at the alter of Honey Boo Boo. I would find people like Larry The Cable Guy funny and would buy every lie the government ever tried to tell me. I read so that enables me to form an opinion of the world around me.

Thank God I can read so I can write this blog and make fun of certain people. I can make fun of NASCAR and no body says a fucking word. Do you know why? NASCAR fans aren’t big readers. If they were they wouldn’t be watching NASCAR they’d be reading or doing something useful with their time. They don’t read my blog so fuck them. I’m safe.

If you looked at my list on Goodreads the next question would probably be; “You ever read anything normal?” I actually can’t answer that because I would ask you to define normal. Everyone has a different opinion on what normal is. I just read what interests me. For years I have always gravitated toward horror and the darker side of human nature.

We all have this desire to explore the dark side of human nature. I just don’t hide it. I love horror flicks and read books that most people would be afraid to read. If there’s an envelope why not push it? I’ve been on the safe side of the street and I grew bored. I used to be afraid to read certain books because of the narrow minded people that would see it and ask stupid questions.

If we allowed ourselves to think freely and be less afraid of what people thought we’d be a lot happier. I truly believe this with all of my blackened heart. Break free from the oppression the mindless masses and have fun.


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