Spring ushers in the whiner babies

     You would assume that once the weather turns warmer people would be friendlier or at least warmer and fuzzier but it’s just not the case. If you look at Facebook you would swear that everyone’s totally miserable. What is it about misery? Why does everyone have to pass it around like a disease? Just because someone’ totally miserable it doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. There’s no law that states misery must be felt by your entire friends list.

     Relationships usually die horrible deaths in the Spring. It sounds like total bullshit but it’s true. We spend some of the most miserable months with the same people day in and day out. Once the weather breaks we all feel a little restless and tired. We suddenly have options again.

     My ex-wife seems to think I’m lonely which is total bullshit. I have decided to not date and just because I choose to be single it doesn’t mean I’m secretly wishing I were with someone. It defies logic and pisses me off to think that somehow life has to include someone to share it with.

     With the Spring I have a new sense of clarity and direction. I know that to be happy you have to find some sort of balance. For some they bounce from relationship to relationship simply because they don’t know how how to be alone. They have this fear that if they’re alone they’ll die. I finally figured out that being alone is sometimes essential to be being happy. It’s ok to dig a hole and bury your emotions inside of it. It’s ok to build a wall to keep people out.

     When we go from relationship to relationship how do we know what’s love and what’s mere infatuation? My experience with chicks has been all bad so why in the hell would I keep dating? If I feel as if every relationship I become involved in is going to crash and burn why would I willingly decide to date again?

     The truth is that I don’t know what I want. All I know is that for now I need to get over someone and I’m almost there. Would it be fair to become involved with another woman if I’m still in love with someone else? I have a hundred books to read and a pile of movies to watch so a relationship is the furthest thing from my mind right now.

      My goal this spring is to have as much fun as possible and I’m going to do it alone. Relationships don’t define me. My Kindle is all I need to be happy. It’s cool to know that so many people are worried about me but chill the fuck out I got this.



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