Black Sabbath/Random Thoughts

     When I was younger I was never into Black Sabbath. I thought the music itself was amazing in spots but what killed it for me was Ozzy’s voice. To me it had the same effect as nails on a chalk board. It used to drive people batshit crazy because there was some rule somewhere that stated that if you were into metal you had to like Sabbath. It really baffled people but I couldn’t pretend to like them.

     When I discovered Dio someone pointed out that Dio was in Sabbath and I of course had to hear it. My first introduction to Dio era Sabbath was Falling Off The Edge Of The World. I was hooked. You had a litttle sludge but you now had it layered with melody and the whine was all gone! It felt like I was listening to a new band.

These were songs that knocked you on your ass. Heaven And Hell, Voodoo. It was easy to ignore the Ozzy stuff but occasionally some asshole would ruin it by playing War Pigs. It’s overrated and if you have to play it how about playing Supernaut or Lord Of This World?

     I discovered last night while listening to Sweet Leaf that Ozzy’s voice kinda fits into that dinosaur sludge. Didn’t win me over and I still don’t like Ozzy but for the first time ever I saw what the appeal was. Despite that annoying nasal whine it sometimes blends into the overall rhythm of the song.

     I still prefer Dio era Sabbath but I also liked albums like Born Again and The Eternal Idol.  There was that heaviness and yes melody. Could Ozzy ever sing Heaven And Hell? No way but Dio sang Ozzy’s songs better and made them less annoying. There was a distinct sound when Sabbath had a proper singer.

     I went DVD shopping today. Normally I hate shopping but the places I shop at aren’t large places and no one hassles you or gets in your way. You can enjoy the experience of finding random shit Wal-mart doesn’t carry. Plus I like the price of used DVDs. You can buy more.

     As I picked out my stash I thought about something I heard or maybe read. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at their books music and movies. My question is who does that? Not only is that a little creepy but untrue. How can it be? These are random items that enrertain us. How is that even reliable?

     I am an extremely random person and if someone can get that kind of insight on me God bless them. If you base an opinion on me based on my my choice of movies and reading material you’d run screaming or drag me to a priest. I don’t think either of those would help anyway.

I never let people see my Kindle when the books are displayed. I can handle questions about plot or whether it was good are not but some have to ask why I read what I read. It’s no one’s business. You never ask a skinny dude why he married a fat chick so don’t ask about my books. It’s a personal thing.

When we meet people isn’t that the sort of thing that draws us to other people? We need to have common interests or else there’s no reason to talk to peope or even date. I doubt that a woman would judge a dude because he happens to like horror films. It’s a bit shallow isn’t it?

Who knows maybe I’m watching these slasher flicks and plotting my next relationship. I have my dungeon all ready in the basement. Just looking for that special someone I can lock up and scream at her to put the fucking lotion in the fucking basket. I want to be with someone forever and if they’re chained up in my basement they can never ever leave. You people do realize I’m kidding I hope.


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